Young Fisherman of the Year

To be awarded to a fisherman under 25 years old who has made a clear commitment to their fishing industry. Skills, determination, leadership ability and adaptability to changes in today’s industry are all important qualities.

The result of this category will not be determined by public voting. Instead it will be determined by a panel of judges drawn from the fishing industry, using all supporting evidence provided through the nomination process.


Aaron McLean

From a young age Aaron has been passionate about fishing, taking every opportunity to get out to sea as soon as he was old enough. He has proven his ability to skipper his father’s boat, the Caralisa OB956, and shown commitment to what could be seen as a declining industry on the west coast. Always keen to learn, interested in fully understanding the legislation that affects fishing, and talking with other fishermen, Aaron is committed to supporting the fishing industry in and around Mallaig.

Alexander West

After completing his Class 2 ticket at 19, Alexander went to sea the following day. Since then he has played a full part in running the boat, designing the gear, making up nets, etc.

He has skippered the Virtuous FR 253 in tandem with his father and has consistently performed in line with skippers of much greater experience. He has a full knowledge of all aspects of the maintenance and manufacturing of fishing gear, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the boat. Alexander demonstrates both great skill and the work ethic needed to run a successful fishing boat.

Christopher Irvine

Christopher is from a strong fishing background and impressed the staff at NAFC with his commitment and dedication at a very young age. Now a valued crewmember with the young team on board Courageous LK 470, his skipper is Ian Shearer who was the very worthy winner of this award last year. Christopher is dedicated to pursuing a future in fishing and will return to NAFC to continue his studies, showing his strong desire to learn as much as he can in his chosen career.

Donald John MacIntyre

Donald John has been involved with fishing since he was seven, and has a wide range of experience on different shellfish boats. He remains passionate about fishing, and his future within the industry. He now has his own creel boat and is allowing a local lad to skipper this while he is working on the Genesis to gain more experience. Always eager to learn, and pass on his knowledge, Donald John is determined to succeed, continually gain more experience, ensure young lads are given ample opportunities to enter the fishing industry and – very important to him – ensure that all safety aspects, including the compulsory wearing of buoyancy aids/lifejackets on his fishing vessel is adhered to.

Jordan Harrison

Jordan has been working in the fishing industry since he started out helping on a friend’s potting boat in Bridlington harbour. After leaving school he applied for an apprenticeship place with Whitby Fishing School, where he was very determined to pass both the academic and practical modules of his apprenticeship. His enthusiasm, combined with a genuine passion for the catching sector of the fishing industry, saw him receive the ‘George Traves Excellence Award’ in recognition for his outstanding contribution and dedication to the fishing industry. Since graduating Jordan’s confidence on board the fishing vessel has grown from strength to strength. Over the past six months he has worked industriously training new crewmembers on safety requirements. Jordan is well known and highly regarded in his local harbour, not only for his hard work, values and keen fishing knowledge, but also for his pleasant, kind, and calm demeanour. Jordan helps everyone with whom he works, supporting them to perform to their best ability, clear showing attributes of a natural leader.