New Boat of the Year

This award celebrates innovation in the build and facilities of a new commercial fishing vessel that entered service in the UK or Irish fleets in 2016.

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Antares LK 419

Antares LK 419

This state-of-the-art midwater trawler features a full-length boat deck, from which catches are pumped aboard on the starboard side, before pelagic fish are delivered remotely to the selected RSW tanks. The ability to steam at 12 knots when running in electrical mode is one of the key features of the vessel’s diesel-electric propulsion system.

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Audacious DA 14

Audacious DA 14-web

Twin-rig prawn freezer trawler designed to reduce carbon footprints and maintenance costs, whilst also optimising product quality and crew safety. New technologies to improve fuel efficiency and to freeze and cold-store catch more quickly, in addition to a customised layout, are among the features that deliver these objectives.

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Constant Fisher BM 13

Constant Fisher BM 13-web

A versatile semi-displacement static gear boat rigged for potting, netting and jigging. A self-shooting door in the transom and high stainless steel safety rails are among the features incorporated into the design and build of this vessel to maximise crew safety and working efficiency.

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Delta Dawn SY 788

Delta Dawn SY 788-web

Custom-built catamaran primarily intended for landed tubed creel caught prawns. The inclusion of strengthening steel beams and plates in the main deck structure allows the vessel to be easily rigged for trawling in years to come. Seawater is pumped to five aluminium shellfish storage tanks positioned on the main deck.

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Forever Faithful PD 289

Forever Faithful PD 289-web

Twin-rig prawn trawler designed and built to fish as economically and comfortably as possible, with advances in hull and propulsion technologies delivering significant fuel savings and fishing efficiencies. Working arrangements are designed to promote crew safety and deliver premium quality catches.

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Golden Shore N 153

Golden Shore N 153-web

Purpose built for king scallop dredging and queenie trawling, this vessel has the distinction of being the first dedicated scallop boat to be built for N Ireland. Separate automated catch handling systems for queen and king scallops are positioned on the main deck, on which crew safety is optimised by deep bulwarks.

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Isobella M BM 220

Isobella M BM 220-web

Potting catamaran designed to deliver enhanced levels of crew comfort, safety and working efficiencies when fishing brown crab and lobsters on grounds up to 40 miles. Self-hauling and shooting arrangements are incorporated in to the working layout to enhance fishing efficiency and crew safety.

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Kings Cross PD 365

Kings Cross PD 365-web

The first of a new generation of pelagic vessels, this dual-purpose midwater trawler/purse-seiner features a number of major design and technical firsts. These include the capability to pump pelagic fish at the stern and on the starboard side amidships and a diesel-electric propulsion system.

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Rebecca FR 143

Rebecca FR 143-web

State-of the-art twin-rig prawn trawler designed to deliver high levels of fishing efficiency and safety. A slow running centreline package driving a large diameter propeller turning in a customised nozzle forward of a triple-rudder is a key factor in Rebecca delivering optimum levels of propulsion efficiencies and fuel economy.

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Resilient LK 195

Reslient LK 195-web

A new design of dual-purpose seiner/single-rig whitefish trawler featuring a number of innovations, including synchronised electrical generators, automated fishing systems and advanced catch handling. Particular attention was given to gaining maximum levels of propulsion efficiency and fuel economy from the CP propulsion system.

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Rosebloom INS 353

Rosebloom INS 353-web

Aft bagging whitefish vessel incorporating an automated fish-handling system designed to land premium quality catches when fishing with her identical pair-seining partner Boy John build 18 months earlier to ensure maximum levels of operational efficiency. Propulsion and towing systems are maximised to deliver fuel economies.

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