• Wind farms threat grows

    Wind farms threat grows

    12th August 2019

    Wind farms taking grounds and damaging marine life Controls being relaxed to combat climate change Industry organisations are increasingly alarmed at the accelerating loss of fishing grounds and damage to marine life being caused by the relentless expansion of offshore…

  • Quota shares debate

    Quota shares debate

    29th July 2019

    DEFRA consults on quota shares in England Questions on post-Brexit increase allocations DEFRA has launched a consultation asking for views, backed by evidence, on how additional UK quota gained after Brexit should be allocated in England, reports Tim Oliver It…

  • Plan for 7m+ tickets

    Plan for 7m+ tickets

    22nd July 2019

    Skipper’s tickets for 7m to 16.5m boats by 2020 ‘Grandfather’ exemptions for existing skippers New skippers of vessels between 7m and 16.5m will be required to hold a skipper’s certificate by 2020, under MCA plans announced by maritime minister Nusrat…

  • No-take zones plan

    15th July 2019

    DEFRA plans highly protected MPAs All fishing will be banned in new zones DEFRA is planning to introduce a number of highly protected marine areas (HPMAs), in which all fishing, and any other activity that could potentially damage marine species…

  • N Sea cod in trouble

    N Sea cod in trouble

    6th July 2019

    CES advises huge cut in N Sea cod TAC ‘Hammer blow’ says Scottish leader ICES is advising that the North Sea cod TAC should be cut by almost two-thirds in 2020 to achieve MSY, reports Tim Oliver The 64% cut…

  • Bid to ditch FQAs

    Bid to ditch FQAs

    1st July 2019

    Fisheries bill change aims to end FQAs NFFO paper warns of dangers of change An amendment to the fisheries bill currently passing through parliament seeks to end the fixed quota allocation (FQA) UK quota system that has been in place…

  • U10 E-recording changes

    U10 E-recording changes

    24th June 2019

    U10 e-catch recording to be phased in Changes to original proposal Electronic catch recording for English and Welsh under-10m vessels is planned to start in mid-August – but it will be phased in, instead of applying to the whole fleet…