• Scots prawn grounds probe

    Scots prawn grounds probe

    10th February 2020

    Win-win for Scots prawn creel and trawl fleets Gains for both if access redistributed, says new research A new report from Marine Scotland on the Scottish Nephrops (prawn) fishery says there could be economic gains for the Nephrops fleet if…

  • Lifejacket aircraft checks

    Lifejacket aircraft checks

    3rd February 2020

    Air patrols to check PFDs at sea MCA to step up fleet monitoring and ILO 188 compliance enforcement The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is to use surveillance aircraft to check that fishermen are wearing lifejackets at sea, reports Tim…

  • UK unshackled from CFP

    UK unshackled from CFP

    27th January 2020

    Watershed for industry as UK leaves EU Tough talking ahead on fisheries deal One of the most significant events in the history of Britain’s fishing industry will take place this weekend, when the UK legally leaves the European Union and…

  • Brexit trade-off danger (Photo: EPA)

    Brexit trade-off danger (Photo: EPA)

    20th January 2020

    EU chief voices fisheries/City trade-off plan Financial services protection in return for access floated An EU chief suggested last week that the UK will have to allow EU fleets to keep their existing fishing rights in UK waters in return…

  • Brexit threat to N Ireland

    Brexit threat to N Ireland

    13th January 2020

    Brexit withdrawal deal threatens N Ireland landings Tariffs and extra paperwork due to Irish Sea border Northern Ireland fishermen could be disadvantaged by the Brexit withdrawal deal, because they would be treated as being from a third country when landing…

  • North Sea cod cut blast

    North Sea cod cut blast

    6th January 2020

    N Sea cod cut ‘may end fishery as we know it’ Greens, Brussels and MSY under fire Eight fishermen’s organisations with North Sea interests have blasted the decision taken at the December Fisheries Council to cut the North Sea cod…

  • Final Fish Council for UK

    Final Fish Council for UK

    23rd December 2019

    Quota cuts in 2020 as MSY dominates Council Industry eager for freedom from CFP Many UK fishermen will have smaller quotas in 2020, after last week’s Fisheries Council in Brussels – the last the UK will attend – saw reductions…

  • Election Brexit green light

    Election Brexit green light

    16th December 2019

    Tory election win clears way for Brexit New Year countdown to freedom from CFP The UK is now virtually certain to leave the EU and the CFP on 31 January, after the Conservatives won a healthy majority at last week’s…

  • Spotlight on shellfish

    Spotlight on shellfish

    9th December 2019

    Industry move to highlight shellfish management – Cross-industry group set up south of the border A groundbreaking initiative has been launched to raise the profile of the shellfish sector south of the border, and develop a management strategy for the…