• Rockall limits row

    Rockall limits row

    18th June 2019

    Scotland claims sovereignty over Rockall waters Irish vessels told they are fishing illegally Scotland and Ireland are in conflict over fishing rights around Rockall, after the Scottish government said it would take enforcement action against Irish vessels fishing inside the…

  • Discards ban is working – Unwanted catches are being reduced

    Discards ban is working – Unwanted catches are being reduced

    10th June 2019

    Skippers fishing more selectively The discards ban is reducing unwanted catches as fishermen modify their gear and fishing to fish more selectively, reports Tim Oliver But concerns remain about the dangers of choke species closing fisheries early, and the industry…

  • Shellfish fleet warning

    Shellfish fleet warning

    3rd June 2019

    ‘Shellfish fleet growth must be stopped’ Strong demand and high prices for shellfish are driving an unsustainable increase in catching capacity in the shellfish fleet that must be addressed, reports Tim Oliver This was the warning voiced by shellfish sector…

  • Ewing Brexit warning

    Ewing Brexit warning

    28th May 2019

    Scottish minister spells out Brexit downsides Strategy to get best possible deal Brexit is ‘the story that never ends’, but Scotland needs to get the best deal in the next 12 months, whatever happens, reports Tim Oliver This was the…

  • EU mussel exports threat

    EU mussel exports threat

    20th May 2019

    Brexit threat to live mussel exports to EU – UK won’t be able to meet new standards A mussel fishing and farming company in North Wales fears that it and other firms that export live mussels and other bivalve shellfish to…

  • Discards ban probe

    Discards ban probe

    13th May 2019

    Realistic UK quota shares answer to discards Industry leaders message to Lords committee The best way to cope with quota shortages that threaten to create choke species is to revisit relative stability and change the current quota shares that the…

  • Share fishermen protected

    Share fishermen protected

    6th May 2019

    No risk to status of share fishermen under ILO 188 Clarification of new health and welfare laws The legal status of UK share fishermen has been clarified and strengthened after work carried out by Human Rights at Sea (HRAS), along…

  • Anglers’ IFCA legal threat

    Anglers’ IFCA legal threat

    29th April 2019

    Anglers issue legal threat to Cornish IFCA. Allegations of failure to protect bass A bass angling association has threatened to take legal action against Cornwall IFCA for failing to introduce an emergency byelaw to protect juvenile bass, reports Tim Oliver The…

  • North Sea saithe choke fears

    North Sea saithe choke fears

    22nd April 2019

    23% cut to North Sea 2019 saithe TAC Fears of chokes for some vessels and POs An unexpected cut of nearly a quarter in the 2019 North Sea saithe quota is set to cause problems in the North Sea fishery,…

  • NFFO calls for talks on under-10m e-catch reporting

    NFFO calls for talks on under-10m e-catch reporting

    15th April 2019

    Delay plans to allow practical questions to be answered The NFFO says proposed plans to introduce compulsory electronic catch reporting for all under-10m vessels in England and Wales should be delayed to allow discussions with fishermen on the details of…