New Boat of the Year

This award celebrates innovation in the build and facilities of a new commercial fishing vessel that entered service in the UK or Irish fleets in 2017.




Rigged for pumping pelagic catches at the stern, the 56.5m Killybegs midwater trawler Áine is the first midwater trawler of its class to feature continuous walkways at the sides of the boat deck. Áine features a MAN 6L27/38 main engine, Renk 6.7:1 reduction gearbox, Scania DI16 auxiliary engines and Karmøy Winch AS deck machinery.


Asteria BRD 250

AsteriaThe 19m twin-rig trawler Asteria is the first of a new model of under ticket length (16.49m) hull design. Asteria is powered by a Caterpillar C18 ACERT main engine driving a 2000mm-diameter propeller through a Reintjes 7.409:1 reduction gearbox. Mitsubishi 6D24TC and S4KT auxiliary engines are also fitted.


Alannah Riley S 40

Alannah RileyThe 28.62m Castletownbere multi-rig prawn freezer trawler Alannah Riley incorporates several new ideas. These include twin catch hoppers across the transom, four split trawl winches, six net drums, advanced catch selection/washing and prawn processing systems, twin blast freezing rooms and 100m3 freezer and refrigerated holds.


Boy Andrew WK 170

Boy AndrewThe 27.5m Boy Andrew is the first of a new class of fly-shooter to be built for Scotland. Up to 20 coils of 44mm seine-net rope can be worked

CFL Hunter FK 1601

CFL HunterCustom-designed for quiet running, the 59.5m longliner CFL Hunter features a diesel-electric propulsion system in which four 550kW Yanmar engines supply power to two 695kW propulsion motors to drive a single propeller via a Reintjes gearbox. Using an umbrella longline system, CFL Hunter fishes MSC-accredited Patagonian toothfish in the South Atlantic.


Daystar FR 86

DaystarThe first of a new design, the 23.95m LOA twin-rig prawn trawler Daystar is powered by a Mitsubishi S6R2-T2 main engine driving a 2500mm-diameter propeller through a Reintjes WAF 474L 7.476:1 reduction gearbox. A Cummins QSL9 auxiliary engine drives the main hydraulic system and the EK Marine deck machinery via two Kawasaki load-sensing pumps.


Diligent Jo LT 1045

Diligent JoThe 14.95m twin-rig trawler Diligent Jo features a new hull design and internal layout, in which the deck house is situated between the vessel’s centreline and the port rail, and extends forward to the bow. Catches are brought aboard over the stern and worked forward along the starboard side.


Faithlie FR 220

FaithlieThe versatile 27.5m whitefish vessel Faithlie is rigged for pair-seining and fly-shooting. Two power reels are located on the shelterdeck forward of two split net drums and an elevated bagging drum. Catches are taken aboard centrally at the transom before being delivered forward to a highly-automated whitefish handling and catch management system.


Grateful FR 249

GratefulThe 69.95m midwater trawler Grateful is the first vessel in the Scottish fleet to boast a retractable thruster with the capability to work as a drop-down Azimuth, functioning as a take-me-home device, or when dodging into heavy weather or pumping pelagic fish at the stern. The vessel’s MaK 9M32C main engine is coupled to a Scan Volda 2-step gearbox.


Henk Senior LH 356

Henk SeniorThe 24m dual-purpose fly-shooter/twin-rig trawler Henk Senior features combined seine/trawl winches and two sets of elevated split net drums. Catches of whitefish are bagged aft for delivery to a highly-automated fish-handling system on the main deck. The versatile vessel features an ABC6DZC main engine, Reintjes 8.997:1 reduction gearbox, two MAN auxiliaries and a Caterpillar genset.


Keila K 121

KeilaThe Orkney 28m single-rig trawler Keila features twin trawl tracks either side of a central cod-end hatch aft on the full-length shelterdeck. A highly automated catch-handling system delivers whitefish to the vessel’s 1,300-box fishroom, which is served by a combination of flake and slush ice machines to promote premium-quality catches.


Kindred Spirit LT 1048

Kindred SpiritTwin-rig trawling activities on the 13m Kindred Spirit are focused on three single net drums mounted within the upper section of the stern gantry above the level of the shelterdeck, a 3-drum winch mounted on the main deck amidships, and two codend Gilsons. Kindred Spirit is powered by a Volvo Penta D13 main engine.


Manx Shearwater DO 118

Manx Shearwater12m potting catamaran designed to deliver enhanced levels of crew comfort, safety and working efficiencies when fishing brown crab, lobsters and whelks. Self-hauling and shooting arrangements are incorporated into the working layout to enhance fishing efficiency and crew safety. Manx Shearwater is powered by twin Iveco engines. A 12kVA genset is also fitted.


Onward WD 311

OnwardOf 14.95m LOA and 7m of beam, Onward is the largest GRP static-gear catamaran to be built to-date in the UK, as well as the first to feature a full-length shelterdeck. Rigged for pot self-hauling and shooting at the starboard quarter, Onward is fitted with twin Iveco FPT N67 propulsion units and two Isuzu auxiliary engines.


Pathway PD 165

PathwayThe 78.75m pelagic vessel Pathway is rigged for both purse-seining and midwater trawling. Two separate pumping systems enable catches of trawled fish to be taken aboard aft at the port quarter, and pursed fish amidships on the starboard side. Powered by a Wärtsilä 9L32E2 main engine, Pathway can also operate in full electric drive at 11 knots.


Soph-Ash-Jay-2 LH 60

Soph-Ash-Jay-2The Cleopatra Fisherman 40 fast potter Soph-Ash-Jay-2 has the distinction of being the first new fishing vessel in the UK fleet to feature a Seakeeper 5 computer-controlled gyroscope stabilisation system. Shellfish catches, either placed in boxes or bins in the fishroom, are kept in optimum condition by deckhead-mounted seawater sprinklers supplied by two electrically-driven pumps.


Sparkling Star UL 290

Sparkling StarThe first of a new design of 19.3m LOA (16.49m reg length) round bilge hull, Sparkling Star is a custom-built twin-rig ground fish trawler. A bespoke and largely automated catch-handling system, designed primarily for monkfish and megrim, delivers fish via one of two large storage/washer compartments for final selection in the fishroom via a second conveyor.


Steadfast Hope BF 340

Steadfast HopeThe 24m Steadfast Hope is rigged as a dual-purpose pair-seiner/twin-rig trawler. A comprehensive catch-handling system, which includes 17 selection bins and six integral washers, ensures optimum levels of catch quality for both prawns and whitefish. Steadfast Hope is powered by a Caterpillar C32 main engine coupled to a Masson Marine 9.077:1 reduction gearbox.


Venture III BF 326

Venture IIIMacduff Shipyards’ biggest build to-date, the 29.87m whitefish twin-rig stern trawler Venture III incorporates a number of new ideas designed to improve catch quality, crew safety, fishing efficiency and fuel economy. Single and twin-rig nets are hauled by a combination of three sweep winches forward on the trawl deck and three elevated bagging drums.


Victory Rose WY 34

Victory RoseThe 26m Victory Rose was built primarily to pair with her sistership Our Lass III, while also having the flexibility to engage in single or twin-rig trawling. A Kronberg gutting machine is incorporated into the vessel’s basketless stainless-steel fish-handling system. Two 4.5 flake ice machines ensure optimum catch quality.


Voyager N 905

VoyagerThe first of a new generation of pelagic vessels, the 86.4m dual-purpose midwater trawler/purse-seiner Voyager features a number of significant firsts for a UK pelagic vessel designed to promote catch quality, fishing efficiency and crew welfare and safety. Pelagic fish can be pumped aboard either at the stern or amidships, or on the starboard side amidships.


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