Pelagic Fisherman of the Year

To be awarded to a UK- or Ireland-based fisherman who has made a clear commitment to pelagic fishing in 2017. Skills, determination, leadership ability and adaptability to changes in today’s industry are all important qualities.


Davie Hutchison, Charisma LK 362

Davie was born and raised on the island of Whalsay – home to most of Shetland’s pelagic fleet – with a strong family tradition of fishing. Together with his partners in the Charisma Fishing Company, he took delivery of the 107ft purser/trawler Charisma in 1979. This vessel was replaced in 1995 with a new midwater trawler, followed by a third new boat in 2003. A fourth Charisma is scheduled for delivery next year, when this midwater vessel will feature electric deck machinery, further advancing the technological development of the UK fleet. This continual reinvestment in pelagic fishing, together with his longstanding representation of the pelagic sector, is testament to how Davie’s personal commitment to the fishing industry is as strong today as it has ever been.

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