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Back in Feburary, Macduff Shipyards signed over its latest build, the 19.98 auto-scalloper Eternal Promise 36, to Whitelink Seafoods of Fraserburgh, bringing the company’s fleet up to four vessels: the Eternal Promise, Eternal Friend, Eternal Light and Georgia Dawn. The previous Eternal Promise is now re- registered as BM 112 and is fishing out of Brixham.

The new vessel is skippered by Steve Clasper of Grimsby. While it has accommodation for up to seven crew, it will generally work with five or six onboard, depending on fishing patterns.

Eternal Promise is the second vessel built by Macduff Shipyards for Whitelink Seafoods; the first was the Eternal Light, which was handed over in 2019. The new build was originally intended to be a sistership to the Eternal Light, but at an early stage the yard took the decision to offer a new design that would provide increased deck and gear space, better working conditions for the crew, and an optimised hull form and new stern gear package to improve fuel efficiency.

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