This impressive new shellfish catamaran for Orkney combines a Gerry Smyth-built hull and Marvig Boatyard fit-out. Our review of Galatea K 112…

The recent arrival of the newest addition to the static-gear fleet in Orkney was a proud moment for brothers Paul and Adam Tulloch and their parents Tommy and Alena.

The cat catcher on the stern alone is able to carry a couple of fleets of gear.

Paul, 34, and Adam, 29, brought the new catamaran Galatea K 112 back to their home port of Pierowall on the island of Westray last month – a welcome addition to the fleet and a great example of young fishermen determined to succeed. Their father Tommy Tulloch owned and skippered the most recent Keila K 121 and her predecessor of the same name at the whitefish for many years, until she was sold to George Pirie and Nicol Ritchie of Whitehills at the start of last year and renamed Norlan BF 326.

However, his two sons had set about their own careers in shellfish, and in 2013 acquired the New Venture K 112, a wooden-hulled vessel built by J Hinks & Sons of Appledore in 1982.

The huge deck space on the catamaran makes for a safe and stable platform, but will also allow the Tullochs to safely move large amounts of gear when the need arises.

The vessel had been built as Belle Tout NN 42 for Newhaven skipper Peter Storey, then renamed Kelly T K 427 upon moving to Orkney to work creels from the island of Sanday, skippered by Ian Harcus. After she sank at the pier and was declared a total loss, Paul and Adam purchased the wreck and had her rebuilt before fishing her successfully at mainly crab and lobster, until she was sold to new owners in Sierra Leone in preparation for the arrival of her successor.

The order for a new custom-built vessel was awarded to Gerry Smyth of G Smyth Boats in Kilkeel, one of the UK’s leading GRP boatbuilders in recent years. The hull and engines were completed in Kilkeel, before the vessel was taken to the Isle of Lewis for fitting out and completion.

This is just a snippet from our look at Galatea K 112. The full boat review can be found in the 18 January issue of Fishing News, which you can buy here for just £3.50.

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