Fishing nostalgia

  • Ports in the Past: Pittenweem

    Ports in the Past: Pittenweem

    11th February 2016

    Located on the East Neuk of Fife, on the north shore of the Firth of Forth, Pittenweem harbour has a longstanding tradition of fishing. The inshore prawn trawlers and creel boats that fish from Pittenweem today are a long way…

  • Commercial fishing: Looking back to 2001

    Commercial fishing: Looking back to 2001

    4th February 2016

    In 2001, the world saw the birth of many new inventions, explorations and entertainment franchises, along with momentous events in history. Casting our gaze to the skies, this was the year that Mars Odyssey was launched as part of NASA’s…

  • Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Brixham

    Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Brixham

    28th January 2016

    Martin Johns looks back on former fishmarkets at Brixham. Situated on the South Devon coast, in close proximity to Berry Head, Brixham has long been a key fishmarket of both local and national importance. Today, as one of the main…

  • Where are they now? Newlyn’s grand old ladies

    Where are they now? Newlyn’s grand old ladies

    21st January 2016

    ELIZABETH ANN WEBSTER – ELIZABETH CAROLINE – MARIE CLAIRE Like so many other fishing boats of their immediate post-war generation, these three boats originated from the Ministry of Defence. A large number of wooden boats were built by the Admiralty,…

  • Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Lowestoft

    Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Lowestoft

    14th January 2016

    For decades Lowestoft was one of the leading ports in the UK, with large quantities of fish being sold on the market floor daily before being delivered by local processors by rail to a number of locations. One of the…

  • Commercial fishing: Looking back to 1955

    Commercial fishing: Looking back to 1955

    7th January 2016

    In 1955, an American icon was created by dying a violent death, while another burst, very much alive, onto the world stage. On September 30 James Dean crashed and died in his Porsche 550 Spyder in California and the following…

  • Ports in the past: Peterhead

    Ports in the past: Peterhead

    31st December 2015

    While Peterhead, which established a new port value record on £171M in 2014, continues to be the main fishing port in Britain by some considerable margin, this selection of photographs, all of which were taken in the past 30 years,…

  • Defending Britain: Cracking Eggs

    Defending Britain: Cracking Eggs

    24th December 2015

    In the latest of an occasional series remembering the crucially-important role fishermen immediately took on a century ago, John Worrall looks back at how mines helped change the shape of naval warfare. Britain hadn’t been keen on mines. She considered…

  • Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Newlyn

    Fishmarkets of Yesteryear: Newlyn

    17th December 2015

    Situated at the south-west tip of Britain in close proximity to inshore and offshore grounds near Lands’ End, yielding a wide variety of catches, Newlyn harbour has a longstanding and proud tradition of being a prominent fishing port. Newlyn today…

  • Commercial fishing: Looking back to 1945

    Commercial fishing: Looking back to 1945

    10th December 2015

    This week Fishing News looks back to 1945, a year that saw the country struggling to recover as the Second World War came to an end. In a stark reflection of the economic and political climate, Fishing News is also at one…