These photographs have been sent in by Fishing News readers.

A selection of readers’ photos will be printed whenever possible, and at the end of the year, £100 will be awarded to the reader whose photo is judged the best by the Fishing News team.

Please email your photos to: with ‘Readers’ photos’ in the subject line. Photos can be of any subject related to the fishing industry – action shots at sea, colourful harbour scenes, night-time shots, amusing images, etc.


Rachel D and Barbarella fishing for sprats in Donegal Bay. (Pauric Diver)


The former Banff trawler Reliance II nails her colours to the mast in Macduff harbour. (John Clark)


Returning to land during the 2020 Mourne herring fishery. (Joanne Kearney)


Festive lights adorn a Christmas tree made from creels at Dunbar harbour. (Ryan Stewart)


Emer Jane leaving Kilmore Quay at the start of another beam trawling trip. (Stephen Jones)


Crystal River leaves Whitby after being repainted at Parkol Marine Engineering. (Mick Bayes)



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