While the Cornish boatyard C Toms & Son is at present ‘very busy’, the yard’s boss Paul Toms says that there is space for more builds, reports Phil Lockley.

He said: “No boatyard can be too busy, and in our case, two of the five new builds are fast heading for completion, with two others in advanced stages, so we have ample space for more orders.

“Yes, we are busy, but to give the impression that we have no space left would be untrue, and we are keen to attract more builds. For some time, many people have been commenting on how busy C Toms & Son is. At present, we are, but I have to look beyond that. Almost all the current builds are at an advanced stage, and we want orders for the winter – and orders running on from there.”

Two of the present builds are twin-riggers due for completion before the forthcoming cuttlefish season.

Soon to be named Saxon Spirit, one is an U10 twin-rigger for Roger Klyne, and the other is a 12m twin-rigger, also for Roger Klyne. It will be named Joyful Spirit. Initially, that vessel was under construction for Terry Lankford of Lankford & Sons (Fishing) Ltd, but it has recently changed ownership.

“A 12m twin-rigger for Harry Green is also progressing well,” explained Paul Toms.

“K & K Fishing – a team of Polish brothers, Konrad and Kamil Kosieradzki, from the Outer Hebrides – are having their 15m scalloper built, which is also on schedule and now quite advanced; recently, we had delivery of the steels for its superstructure.

“As soon as Konrad and Kamil’s boat leaves the shed for its final fit-out, a 15m scalloper being built for Roger Klyne will take its place. The keel has already been laid, and the build is underway.

Harry Green’s 12m twin-rigger is in its final stages of build.

Harry Green’s 12m twin-rigger is in its final stages of build.

“So, at present, Roger Klyne’s twin-riggers will be completed for the forthcoming cuttlefish season, Harry Green’s boat is now at an advanced stage, Konrad and Kamil’s 15m scalloper will be finished for the spring, and after that we will be left with just one build – so C Toms & Son might look busy, but in truth we have plenty of space available for more builds.

“It is a brave boatyard owner who thinks the firm is so busy that it doesn’t need further orders. We are definitely looking for orders, and are competitive.”

Current refits and painting at the yard include Pisces (Steve Rogers), which is getting a new gearbox, shaft, generator and deck winches, and a new door and windows for the wheelhouse.

Nicola Anne CK 305 is having work carried out to the gearbox; the beam trawler Admiral Blake was recently on the slipway for general maintenance; and the Brixham beam trawler for Waterdance Ltd, Jacoba, spent time at C Toms & Son for plating and general work.


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