The Marine Institute has launched the 2021 Stock Book (pictured above, held by Marine Institute director Dr Ciaran Kelly), the annual publication which provides the latest scientific advice on the status of 74 key fish stocks of interest to Ireland. It is available for download or through an interactive online application.

This is the 29th edition of the annual book, which also contains the latest management advice used by decision-makers to set sustainable catch levels and quotas for 2022. The publication serves as a reference guide to a wide audience, including the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the fishing industry, marine scientists, environmental NGOs, third-level institutes and financial institutions.

Every year, the Marine Institute undertakes an extensive data collection programme. Multiple scientific surveys cover approximately 327,000 square nautical miles over 263 days, equating to 1,545 scientist days at sea.

Onshore and at-sea sampling programmes measure over half a million fish and estimate age for a further 50,000 individuals across all commercial species. Irish data is compiled with that from other countries through ICES, and the Stock Book integrates the latest scientific advice from ICES with relevant information on Irish fisheries.

The 2021 Stock Book is available electronically here.

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