Upgrade work to enhance crew and vessel safety on Whalsay skipper George William Anderson’s midwater trawler Adenia LK 193 is progressing well, reports David Linkie.

Adenia cut in half in preparation for inserting a new 8.4m hull section amidships

Adenia was refloated at the end of last month after a new 8.4m hull section was inserted amidships while the vessel was slipped in Gdansk, Poland.

Karstensens Shipyard is the main contractor for the large-scale refurbishment project which is being co-ordinated by project manager Kent Damgard.

On arrival in Skagen in mid-February, work commenced immediately to remove Adenia’s existing trawl gantry and ballast tank in preparation for fabricating and fitting a new gantry designed to facilitate pumping over the stern.

Adenia subsequently arrived in Poland when the hull was cut in two forward of the deck casing and engineroom bulkhead before a new 8.4m section incorporating three additional RSW tanks was inserted.

The raised deck aft on the portside has also been extended forward to provide room to relocate the fish pump and hose reel.

Adenia is scheduled to return to Skagen later this month where Karstensens will install a new manifold and pump arrangement in the forward pump room to suit the pelagic vessel’s new working arrangements.

Built in Norway by Flekkefjord Slipp and Maskinfab in 2003, the new look 70.3m Adenia is scheduled to return to Whalsay in time for the summer herring fishing, when the vessel’s RSW capacity will have been increased from 1,450m3 to around 2,000m3.