Skipper James Anderson and partners are highly impressed with the level of performance that the Shetland twin-rig whitefish trawler Alison Kay LK 57 has delivered. Her first four trips were fishing west of Foula in some fairly heavy weather, after being lengthened in an extensive three-month refurbishment project, completed ahead of schedule by Karstensens Shipyard, reports David Linkie.

The large-scale project included inserting a new 3.5m hull section in the fishroom, forming an extended fo’cas’le deck and extending the stem by 0.5m. The vessel’s wheelhouse was moved and raised aft by 1m, and the bulwarks were raised amidships.

Following these changes, which reduced the vessel’s draft by 350mm, Alison Kay is reported to be returning a 10% increase in free running speed and fishing with more efficiency when towing into weather. 

Further details in Fishing News soon.