CFL Hunter – advanced diesel-electric longliner for Falklands Islands

Above: CFL Hunter ready for launch at the Nodosa shipyard – and the month-long delivery trip to the Falkland Islands.

The recent launch of the 59.5m state-of-the-art freezer longliner CFL Hunter FK 1601 marked a significant milestone for the Falklands Islands as the first fishing vessel to be built with Falklands capital and probably the single largest investment of its kind for a company in this British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic.

The vessel’s owners, Consolidated Fishing Ltd (CFL) have the whole of the Falkland Islands’ quota for MSC-accredited Patagonian toothfish, currently 1040 tonnes, caught in the deeper areas at the southern, south-eastern and northern areas of the Islands’ EEZ.

Fishing down to depths of 1000m, often in extreme conditions in the South Atlantic ocean, CFL Hunter will fish three-month trips with a port call for fuel and provisions after six weeks.

Particular emphasis was placed on providing an extremely quietly running ship in order to avoid attracting the attention of whales. As a result, CFL Hunter is driven by two 695kW Indar ACP-400S/G electric propulsion motors powered by four 550kW Yanmar 6EY18LAW engines.

Further details of CFL Hunter will be featured shortly in Fishing News.


Mylarose arrived at Kilkeel at the end of last week.

Mylarose for Kilkeel

Co Down skipper Trevor Annett berthed his new command Mylarose N 258 in Kilkeel harbour for the first time towards the end of last week, following a 55-hour delivery passage from Fraserburgh, reports David Linkie.

Named after Trevor Annett’s 4-year-old daughter Myla Rose, the newest addition to the Kilkeel fleet is the former Peterhead-based 21.2m twin-rig trawler Ocean Reward IV BCK 83.

Mylarose is a replacement for skipper Trevor Annett and Gordon Campbell’s previous boat, the 20.4m French-built prawn-freezer trawler Atlantic N 258, which was renamed Aquarius FR 95 five months ago after being bought by Fraserburgh skipper Bruce Mitchell (Fishing News, 20 October, 2016).

The wooden-hulled hulled Mylarose was built by Macduff Shipyards in 1997, for skipper Jake Wood of Cullen. The trawler’s Cummins KT 38 main engine was replaced four years ago.

Mylarose was fully repainted by PBP Services at Fraserburgh, when the vessel’s original teal-green hull colour was replaced with blue after the previous hull coatings were burnt off, at the same time as the topsides were fully water-blasted externally and internally.

Trevor Annett and Gordon Campbell’s new boat is insured by Sunderland Marine.

Skipper Trevor Annett, who is also chairman of Sea-Source/ANIFPO Ltd, expected to start fishing in the Irish Sea towards the end of this week after completing the requisite paperwork, at the same time as the crew took aboard Mylarose’s fishing gear in Kilkeel.

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