Diligent Jo – Arklow Marine completes hi-spec 14.95m twin-rig trawler

The 14.95m twin-rig trawler Diligent Jo LT 1045 is expected to start fishing from Plymouth later this month after running successful sea trials off Arklow, Co Wicklow last week, reports David Linkie.

Above: The new-look netter Britannia V leaving Whitby for Newlyn. 

Diligent Jo has been built under the watchful eye of Seafish to a very high level of specification and internal fit-out for Roger Klyne by Arklow Marine Services, run by the Tyrrell family, and has the distinction of being the company’s first fishing vessel to be built for the UK.

Designed by SC McAllister & Co Ltd, with a beam of 6.70m and a depth of 3.50m, Diligent Jo features a Volvo Penta D13 main engine, Reintjes 7.044:1 reduction gearbox, a Volvo Penta D7A auxiliary engine driving the vessel’s main hydraulic system and a 12.5kW harbour genset.

EK Marine Ltd of Killybegs manufactured Diligent Jo’s bespoke package of deck machinery, including three 7t split trawl winches. Two of these units are mounted on the shelterdeck aft of the wheelhouse, while the middle wire winch is located aft on the main deck.

Two 2 x 7t split net drums are positioned under the trawl gantry on the shelterdeck. Other deck machinery includes 5t and 3t Gilson winches and a 1t landing crane on the portside forward. Catches are taken aboard aft of the starboard side. The vessel’s main hydraulic system is supplied by the Volvo auxiliary engine with a net retrieve pump driven off the gearbox.

A compact wheelhouse has been designed on the shelterdeck top. To achieve the best use of space, a wraparound console was fitted to give the skipper clear vision of all screens, main engine and auxiliary gauges. A separate trawl console is arranged at the aft end of the wheelhouse, from where all fishing operations can be remotely controlled. Barry Electronics of Killybegs supplied and installed a comprehensive array of wheelhouse equipment.

Accommodation consists of four berths aft of the engine room and is divided into two-berth cabins. Day accommodation is arranged on the main deck forward of the wet lobby. Diligent Jo can carry 8,800 litres of fuel and 3,000 litres of freshwater.

Further details of Diligent Jo will be included in Fishing News soon.

Britannia V returns to Newlyn after major refit at Whitby

The Newlyn netter Britannia V FH 121 returned to Cornwall from Whitby towards the end of last month, on completion of an extensive refurbishment project, reports David Linkie.

A new wheelhouse and deck casing, which includes a galley and messdeck, was designed and fabricated by Parkol Marine Engineering, which also fitted new aluminium net ponds.

A new Volvo D13 main engine and Twin Disc 514 gearbox were also installed, together with a 20kVA Watermota 240V genset.

Britannia V is owned in partnership by Elizabeth and Sam Lambourn of St Clement’s Fishing.

Further details of Britannia V’s refurbishment will be included in Fishing News soon.

New Adenia to be built for Whalsay owners

The family-owned Adenia Fishing Company has signed a contract with the Zamakona Shipyard of Bilbao, Spain, to build a new 69.9m midwater trawler for delivery to Shetland in June 2019, reports David Linkie.

Design and project management of the new vessel will be carried out by Karl Sandvik of Salt Ship Design in Norway, a friend of Whalsay skipper George William Anderson, who has come out of retirement to do the work.

Skipper George Anderson said: “We’re pleased to have signed up with Zamakona for the new boat and I’m especially delighted that Karl will be doing what he does best. Years ago he said he would design our next boat, but it didn’t work out, so it’s great that he will be coming on the journey with us this time.”

The design, specification and arrangement of the new Adenia are the result of extensive and close cooperation between the owners, designers and the shipyard. The main focus has been set on optimising working, safety and comfort for the crew, together with catch handling, storage facilities and propulsion efficiency.

Kark Sandvik has produced plans for a vessel of just under 70m, with a beam of 15.6m and a depth to first deck of 9.50m. The new Adenia will have 10 fish tanks with a capacity of 2,200m³.

A Bergen main engine will deliver 5,215kW through a matching Brunvoll Volda gearbox to a 4000mm-diameter CP propeller. Brunvoll side thrusters will also be fitted.

Two Yanmar auxiliary engines (1550kW @ 1800rpm) will drive the vessel’s main electrical generators, together with a 300kW Scania harbour/emergency genset.

Adenia will feature Rapp Marine hydraulic deck machinery, including two split trawl winches (91t), two net drums (93.5t/41m³), an 80t lifeline winch and a 57t codend winch. Karmoy AS will supply three deck cranes.

Pelagic fish will be distributed to the RSW tanks and discharged using MMC systems.

SeaQuest of Killybegs will supply two 24in fish pumps.

Fuel, technical water and freshwater capacities will be 530m³, 230m³ and 50m³ respectively.

The new build, construction of which is expected to begin towards the end of this year, will replace the owner’s present vessel, Adenia LK 193, built in 2003 by Flekkefjord Slipp & Maskinfabrikk AS and lengthened by 8.4m to 70.3m in Gdansk and Skagen by Karstensens in 2015. This boat has been bought by Fosnavaag Havfiske AS and will leave Shetland for Norway in February of next year, to be repainted red and renamed Nordsjobas.

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