The nomination of DEFRA’s chief fisheries science advisor at CEFAS Carl O’Brien as first vice-president of ICES has been confirmed, with his three-year appointment taking effect from 1 November.

Carl O’Brien began his career in marine science when he joined CEFAS’ Lowestoft laboratory in 1995. He has been DEFRA’s chief fisheries science advisor at CEFAS since 2010, and an ICES delegate since 2012.

CEFAS CEO Neil Hornby said: “Our congratulations go to Carl on his new appointment, which will further strengthen our partnership with ICES and ensure that UK marine science excellence and leadership continues to drive international commitments to sustainable fisheries and healthy seas and oceans.”

Carl O’Brien has pledged to use his tenure to improve communications within and across ICES’ decision-making bodies in order to support collective decision-making in support of healthy and sustainable marine environments.

He is also committed to remaining an active contributor to expert groups, such as the workshops on data-limited stocks and west of Scotland cod which he chairs, and he is championing a proposal for the UK to host the ICES Annual Science Conference in 2024.

The UK has a long-running history with ICES, as a founding member at its inception in 1902, before becoming a formal contracting party during the ICES convention of 1964.

Carl O’Brien’s election furthers this longstanding partnership and builds on the memorandum of understanding agreed by the UK government with ICES in January this year.

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