A consultation has been launched on the future of Lowestoft’s drift-net drying racks.

The racks, erected in the 1950s, are believed to be replicas of the originals and serve as a reminder of the town’s once thriving herring industry. Situated at The Ness, the wooden racks are now suffering from ‘serious rot and decay’.

drying racks

Once used for drying herring drift-nets, the future of Lowestoft’s historic racks now hangs in the balance. (Photo: John Worrall)

Lowestoft Town Council says that repairs would be ‘expensive due to the cost of timber and the large amount of wood needing replacing – over 50% according to a recent structural survey’.

As a result, the council has launched a survey to seek views from members of the public on the future of the racks. Alternative suggestions include allowing ‘natural decay for wildlife’ and the removal of the structures.

Lowestoft Town Council says that public opinion will ‘help inform any decisions made’.

The deadline for submissions is this Friday (4 August).

Submissions will then be collated and presented at the Parks and Open Spaces Sub-Committee meeting on 15 August.

The survey can be accessed here.

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