The Wiron 6, one of the two small pelagic freezer trawlers operated through a subsidiary of the North Atlantic Fishing Company, which also operates the largest freezer trawler on the UK register, made another landing into Grimsby last week, its third this year.

The landings are a contribution towards the vessel’s economic link requirements. The parent company has offices in Hull and Surrey, and employs a number of UK crew, many from Humberside itself.

“This landing didn’t have any benefits to the fish dock,” Martyn Boyers, CEO of Grimsby fishmarket, told FN, “though of course any business in the Royal Dock has to be good for the town overall.”

Phil Haslam, managing director at North Atlantic Holdings, said: “It is fantastic to be able to berth and discharge our vessels in a British port and to export from the UK to customers worldwide, all in support of the UK’s fishing industry. We landed our vessels into Hull last summer, and are proud to be able to extend our UK operations to Grimsby.”

Wiron 5 and Wiron 6 fish exclusively for small pelagics, including for the growing human consumption market for blue whiting, once solely caught for fishmeal.

The landing comes just as the refurbishment of Grimsby fish dock and market are about to complete, allowing the market to expand the range of services it will provide. These mainly relate to the containerised fresh fish that dominates sales in the port, mainly imported from Iceland, Faroe and Norway.

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