Inshore fishermen from the historic small lobster cove of Porth Meudwy, on the Llyn peninsula in North Wales, have been left reeling after the theft of six outboard engines in a single night left the fleet there with no way of getting to sea, reports Andy Read.

Coming at a time when the expected onset of autumnal gales means that static gear needs to be retrieved for storage ashore, the engines were cut off the vessels with steering gear, hydraulics, fuel lines and electrics all severed. Vessels affected included the Meg CO 25, Hydromus CO 592 and Galwady y Mor CO 839 (pictured above).

The theft was clearly preplanned, and took place between midnight and 3am on 6 October. The engines stolen include two 100hp Selvas and four Hondas: twin 40hp engines, one 30hp and one 15hp.

See here the engine plates from the two stolen 100hp Selva engines…

Stephen Harrison, owner of the Galwad y Mor, told Fishing News: “We have had a great response from fishermen in other ports here, offering to help us get our gear ashore before any bad weather, and the police have been really helpful too.

“We are all devastated here, as there is no quick way to replace these engines, or repair the damage done during their theft. I have already been told that there is a six-month waiting list to replace the engines for my boat.

“There is a large reward posted for information that will lead to the recovery of our engines, and successful prosecution of the offenders. We would be really grateful if Fishing News readers could keep an eye out for any engines of this type offered for sale in the coming days and weeks.”

Confirming the theft and ongoing investigation, police appealed to anyone offered these models for sale to contact them before making a purchase, and for anyone with information relating to the thefts to come forward

Officers dealing with the crime can be contacted directly by phone: PC Foulkes on: 07989 170904 and PCSO Reagan on: 07880 156947


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