Littlehampton, in West Sussex, has seen some unusual landings, reports John Periam.

Sussex fisherman Danny Clark landed a blue lobster, with the crustacean saved from the cooking pot due to its rare colouring.

“I thought it could be a one in a two million occurrence,” said Danny, who took the lobster to Browns Seafood’s on the Riverside Industrial Estate in Littlehampton.

Browns’ manager Jay Hunter told Fishing News that he had ‘never seen a lobster as blue as this one before’, despite being in the trade for 25 years.

Browns was so impressed with the unusual catch, that they decided to keep it alive, transporting it to the Blue Reef Aquarium at Portsmouth.

This specimen’s unusual blue is thought to be a result of a rare genetic mutation.

Rare blue lobster

The University of Connecticut, USA, found that excessive levels of protein combined with a red carotenoid molecule known as astaxanthin can result in the blue pigment being formed in the lobster’s shell.

Warmer climates along the south east coast have seen more new species being caught and found.

At the same time the lobster was caught, fisherman Sean Hunter, also from Littlehampton, landed a large gilthead bream, tipping the scales at Browns at almost 6lb 3oz.

“There are changes going on, and nothing the local fishermen bring in surprises us now,” Jay Hunter said.

“It keeps them busy considering the problems many are facing due to quotas and regulations.

“We, as a family, have been running this business for many years and have an excellent working relationship with the region’s fishermen and the many establishments we source our fish to.

“It is nice to entertain our customers with some interesting stories.”

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