Our final preview of what’s on offer at this weekend’s Galway Expo Int.

The Skipper Expo Int. Galway 2016 will be held on 4 and 5 March at the Galway Bay Hotel, Galway. Opening times, 10am to 6pm on Friday 4 March, and 10am to 4pm on Saturday 5 March. Entry is free. More information at www.maramedia.ie, or contact Sharon Boyle on 00353 86 840 1250.


Expo Int. Galway 2016 preview, Mactex

Mactex is the main agent for Fuchs, the largest independent lubricants company in the world.










With over 45 years’ experience in the lubricants industry, the crew at Mactex Oil believe they know what they are talking about when it comes to machinery lubrication. They are main agents for Fuchs Lubricants plc, the largest independent lubricants company in the world.

This year, Mactex Oil will be promoting the Fuchs Marine range of oils and grease at the Galway expo for the first time. Special show prices will be available on engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and wire rope lubricants. All Fuchs oils carry OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approvals from companies such as Volvo, Deutz, Yanmar, Mercedes, MAN, Renault, Cummins, Scania, Detroit Diesel, ZF, Voith, Allison and many more. Not only do the oils meet the standards set by manufacturers, but they have been officially approved by these companies for use in their equipment, thus ensuring your warranty stays intact. Mactex Oil offers a free next-day delivery service nationwide, along with unrivalled technical backup and oil-testing facilities.

Mactex Oil also imports the Star Tron® range of diesel treatment products. Star Tron® diesel fuel treatment is an enzyme-based product similar to Soltron®, and is extremely effective and proven in the treatment of diesel bug infestations. It is very safe to use and handle, unlike some of the other chemical/biocide products on the market. If you are having problems with your fuel, or want to prevent a problem occurring, visit stand 85 and talk to Liam Grealy or Brian Crowley.

Mactex Oil says it is looking forward to meeting the many fishermen around the country who are already using its products and wishes them all a safe and happy 2016.



Expo Int. Galway 2016 preview

R&D Marine enjoys a worldwide reputation for the quality of its products.






R & D Marine says it is delighted to be exhibiting for the first time at the expo. The company, which started in 1973, has formed a worldwide reputation for marine engine couplings, as well as damper plates and mountings, which are popular in the fishing/commercial and leisure markets.

On display will be some of its extensive range of flexible couplings, anti-vibration mountings, damper Drive plates, rope cutters and clamp half-couplings for applications up to 1118kW.

Come and chat to the team, who will be happy to advise on your requirements.



Expo Int. Galway 2016 preview, SNG

SNG’s pots are held in high regard by the inshore sector.






As with every other EU Member State, no less than 70% of Ireland’s fishing industry is based in the inshore sector, where thousands of fishermen, onshore processors and exporters rely on catches of lobster, brown and velvet crabs, and other associated local fishery species.

Central to the success of many of these fishermen is the Killybegs-based company Swan Net-Gundry Ltd (SNG) which, with a long tradition of catering to the trawl and net industry, has expanded in the past decade to include the provision of gear to the inshore sector.

Today, and now at the heart of the Irish inshore sector, SNG plays a vital role in supplying a wide range of pots and creels, ropes and floats, as well as leading brand workwear and safety clothing such as PFDs and lifejackets.

Polyex Plus ropes
For inshore fishermen, the tough weather and sea conditions mean that the strength, longevity and quality of potting rope have become some of the most important components of this fishery and, says SNG Inshore Manager Malachy Murrin, its Polyex Plus potting ropes continue to be the number one choice for inshore fisherman everywhere.

“Potting and creeling fishermen have come to realise that superior coil weights means superior quality and SNG, along with our Portuguese partners, continues to strive in R&D for a superior fibre that produces high breaking loads and superior abrasion resistance compared to any other creel rope on the Irish or UK markets.

“In the Polyex Plus rope we believe this has been achieved,” Malachy said, adding that a testament to the quality of this rope has come from the Walsh brothers, owners of Sea Biscuit in Cleggan, Co Galway, who described this rope as ‘the best on the market for the price paid and the quality received in return’.

Growing demand in pot market
Given the nature of the potting industry, in that the gear must not only fish well but must be rugged enough to withstand the conditions associated with this fishery, SNG’s range of pots have earned a growing reputation in the inshore sector, and the company’s pot sales, for both crab and lobster, have increased dramatically over the past 48 months.

SNG’s team of highly experienced staff look forward to talking to Ireland’s many inshore fishermen at the show.



Expo Int. Galway 2016

The detail and skill that went into this model-build of Serene LK63 are impressive.








‘From tree to sea’ was how Donegal-based model boat builder Donal Doherty described the journey in the making of his latest masterpiece, the Shetland fishing vessel Serene LK63.

The Serene first went to sea 60 years ago, and it was Stewart Anderson, of Whalsay, who had the idea of commissioning the build of a fine replica as a surprise for his grandfather Dodie Polson, who skippered the vessel back then.

Over a thousand people followed the intricate construction process of the Serene on Facebook, with many admiring the skill and dedication that went into the work. What is even more remarkable is that Donal built the replica with no plans.

“I only had a couple of photographs to go on,” says Donal. “In one of the photos was a six-foot man standing behind the wheelhouse and I used him as the yardstick for the scale and dimensions of the vessel. I am pleased with how it turned out, and it is probably an as accurate a replica as it is possible to get.

“In an amazing coincidence, the vessel was also skippered by my brother when it came to Donegal in the 1970s. I actually got quite sentimentally attached to the model as the building progressed.”

A craftsman with real skill, Donal will be exhibiting at this year’s expo. He can build small-scale replicas of fishing boats or other craft, down to the smallest detail. His services are already in demand from skippers looking for replica models to be made of their own fishing craft.

Donal, who retired from fishing a few years ago, says he would be delighted to discuss any model boat replica requirements with skippers at the show.



Expo Int. Galway 2016

Centa’s new Compact Electromagnetic Clutch for marine gearbox take-off and front engine PTO applications.







Centa Transmissions specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of engine drives and mechanical power transmissions for all types of small and medium fishing boats, ferries, workboats, offshore support craft and other vessels.

In Galway this year, the Centa team will showcase its renowned range of products that are specifically designed to eliminate all types of misalignment, and the vibration and noise that result from this.

Key among Centa’s range for small to medium seagoing vessels is the CENTAFLEX-RS, a close-coupled roller coupling, with a progressive torsional characteristic and very low stiffness at low speed, which makes it ideal for fixed pitch propulsion, and eradicating gearbox clatter.

Nigel Smith, sales manager at Centa, explains: “We will always recommend the installation of one of our flexible rubber couplings between the engine flywheel and the gearbox, and from gearbox to the stern gear of any vessel. This allows different elements of the drivetrain to remain vibrationally-isolated from one another, by removing direct metal-to-metal contact, reducing stress and wear, and minimising vibrations.

As well as flexible couplings, you can also see CENTA’s new compact version of its electromagnetic clutch. The Compact EMC (CEMC) is designed for marine gearbox take-off and front engine PTO applications, and comes with alternative hydraulic-pump or electric-drive options.

It comprises a cast metal body with a range of input mounting flanges and input drive shafts, with output normally arranged for direct mounting of the hydraulic pump. On request, Centa can provide any flange or shaft, within reason, thereby making the CEMC a highly versatile product that gives the operator reliable remote operation of the clutched drive.

It is available in either 12v or 24v operation and is driven from the diesel engine electrics. The electrical connection is via an IP66 connector rather than having flying leads, which makes it very easy to install.

Nigel Smith continues: “Skipper Expo Int is a welcome opportunity for us meet with boat builders, and engine and gear manufacturers to discuss the benefits of Centa couplings, as well as our range of steel and composite driveshafts, and to introduce engineers to the versatile Compact EMC for a variety of marine applications.”


Expo Int. Galway 2016

The Recaro Caspian is one of the models offering maximum comfort.






Crown Marine Seats was formed in 2014 to meet the demand for Recaro maritime seats in Ireland and the UK. Recaro is perhaps the most famous seat brand in the world and is associated with many prestigious names, such as Aston Martin. Demand from the fishing sector has exceeded all expectations, with many trawlers being fitted with Recaro seats in 2015.

Crown Marine has seen that seats at the higher end of the Recaro range have proved most popular with skippers, specifically the Recaro Caspian and Northsea models. It is these seats from the range that offer the most in terms of comfort; a characteristic suited to fishermen working long hours.

Visitors to the show will be able to try out both the Caspian and Northsea, among others from the Recaro range. Despite interest already raised in Ireland, Crown Marine is keen to exhibit its seats to a wider audience and sees the popular Skipper Expo show as the perfect platform to achieve this.


Expo Int. Galway 2016

Award-winning Mooney Boats of Killybegs is the yard of choice for repairs, refurbs, maintenance and







Mooney Boats will be at this year’s show, promoting the excellent facilities and skilled workforce of its Killybegs-based boatyard.

The past year has seen more growth in the business, with the completion of the new build, MFV Audacious. Work has also started on another new build, the MFV Golden Shore, which will be completed this year.

Mooney Boats won the prestigious Excellence in Vessel Maintenance and Repair Award at the Maritime Industry Awards 2015; the award was given in recognition of the fact that the company is the boatyard of choice for boat owners from all over Ireland and the UK to have repairs, refurbishment and maintenance work completed to the highest possible standard.

As well as highlighting this quality craftsmanship at the Galway expo, Mooney Boats will also be promoting brands for which they are agents/distributors, including Desmi Pumps, Jotun Paints, Dychem, Norsap and Hercules.



Renowned pot manufacturer Medley Pots will be attending the show for the first time, and will have a wide range of pots and frames on display, as well as some special show offers.

Chris Martin, Medley Pots sales representative, says the company’s pot range is ideally suited for the demanding conditions found off Ireland, and the pots have a proven track record for their catching abilities and durability.

Chris said: “We are excited at the prospect of the Galway show and developing our connections in the Irish fishing industry.

“To follow our progress, Like our Facebook page ‘Cornwall Creels/Medley Pots’. All our new designs and pot developments will be on this page for people to see.”


If you are not able to visit the Galway Expo in March, then maybe the Skipper Expo Int Aberdeen 2016 will be more convenient. Here’s a taster of what will be on offer on the 27 and 28 May. For more details see: maramedia.ie/Aberdeen-home


Expo Int. Galway 2016

Collaborating with fishermen, including its own staff, allows for new designs and improvements to be made to Carapax’s range of creels.
© Carapax Marine Group







Carapax Marine Group produces creels and pots not only of its own design but, more importantly, also to fishermen’s custom designs. The company owns a substantial market share in Scandinavia and is now increasing its presence in the UK.

Based on the west coast of Sweden, the company staff fish regularly, and suggest creel designs and improvements based on their experiences. Over the years, this has resulted in a range of creels and traps built to these custom designs. However, that’s not all, as the company has also developed a range of bait boxes, quality ropes and net haulers. Carapax offers these in its store and online shop, where it also supplies fishing accessories and clothing from leading manufacturers.

“We have become a one-stop-shop for creel fishermen; both professionals and the increasing number of recreational fishermen,” says Carapax General Manager, Dag Tryggö. “We sell anything from just a few creels to full container loads, and we ship to the UK and all over Scandinavia. Our strength lies in producing custom-designed creels. We manufacture totally to the fishermen’s wishes and we have experience in many types of creels.”

Carapax Marine Group has been in business since 2005. Between 2013 and 2015, the company conducted research on cod behavior around cod traps, including underwater filming, and the results are put into use in trap designs. Having exhibited at Skipper Expo Galway in 2014, this year Carapax is opting for Skipper Expo Aberdeen in May. With a positive response for its custom designs in the UK, the company is increasing its presence.

“We will register a UK subsidiary and, more importantly, send staff to meet with local fishermen. We look forward to collaborating closely with them and together developing further creels specialised for use in UK waters. By involving both fishermen and our production unit in the design stage, we can provide state-of-the-art products at very competitive prices. We are looking forward to meeting the fishermen of Scotland while in Aberdeen.”


Expo Int. Galway 2016




Expo Int. Galway 2016


Commercial Oils in Buckie is the main lubricants depot in the north for Certas Energy, and is proud to be the authorised distributors of Valvoline products. Its strategically located position on the Moray Firth coast allows prompt service to the commercial fishing fleet around the coast.

Valvoline, a brand of Ashland Inc, has been serving customers throughout the world with a range of branded lubricants and chemicals for many years. The high brand awareness of Valvoline, its recognised added value, and its top-quality products are in complete synchrony with Commercial Oils’ product portfolio.

Commercial Oils can deliver to ports throughout the UK and Ireland, and holds many differently branded grades and pack sizes, approved by many major marine engine manufacturers including Caterpillar, Cummins and Volvo. There is also a bulk metered pumping facility available.

The Commercial Oils team will be pleased to meet visitors to the Skipper Expo Aberdeen in May.

For further product information and sales please call: 01542 835012 or email Amy, Trish or Diane at: sales@commercial-oils.co.uk


Look out for our review of the Skipper Expo Int. Galway 2016, in Fishing News soon.