Fraserburgh skipper Davie Milne’s daughter Chloe Anderson and granddaughter Sophia named the new 27.5m whitefish vessel Faithlie FR 220 at Hvide Sande, Denmark on Saturday 14 July, reports David Linkie.

Above: Skipper Davie Milne holds his younger granddaughter Belle, as her older sister Sophia and their mother Chloe Anderson name Faithlie at the double.

The naming ceremony followed the customary format, apart from the fact that, appropriately, two bottles of champagne were broken on the vessel’s name; a full size one by Chloe and a smaller bottle by Sophia.

Skipper Davie Milne with his wife Janette and family after Faithlie’s naming.

Designed for both pair-seining and fly-shooting, Faithlie was built by Vestværftet ApS, Hvide Sande, for Fraserburgh skipper Davie Milne in partnership with Don Fishing.

Faithlie was scheduled to run fishing trials from Thyborøn towards the end of last week with her pair-seining partner Audacious BF 83, when the Scantrol pairlink would be commissioned on both boats.

Fishing activities on Faithlie, which has a beam of 7.7m, are focused towards the stern of the full-length shelterdeck, with catches being bagged centrally at the stern.

Faithlie’s deck machinery, including 2 x 20t power reels and three 2 x 12t split net drums, was supplied by Thyborøn Skibs, and Motor A/S Rapp Marine net-handling and landing cranes are also fitted.

Faithlie was scheduled to run fishing trials from Thyborøn at the end of last week.

Faithlie’s centreline propulsion package includes a Caterpillar 3508C Tier II-compliant main engine (577kW @ 1200rpm), Mekanord 450HS 6.47:1 reduction gearbox and a matching Korsor 2500mm-diameter CP propeller and nozzle. Faithlie recorded an average top speed of 11 knots on trials.

Two Volvo Penta D7AT auxiliary engines driving 116KVA Newage Stamford generators are also fitted in Faithlie’s aft engineroom.

A detailed feature on Faithlie will be included in Fishing News soon.

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