Fisheries Innovation and and Sustainability (FIS) has announced that its current chair, John Goodlad, will be stepping down from the board, after a decade in the role. The charity, a coalition of experts driving innovation for a prosperous and sustainable UK seafood industry, started off as Fisheries Innovation Scotland, and then, under John Goodlad’s chairmanship, expanded to take on a role across the whole of the UK.

Fisheries Innovation and and Sustainability

FIS, which was set up by seafood industry companies, and is now governed and funded by M&S, Sainsbury’s, Young’s Seafood, Seafish and The Fishmongers’ Company, is hoping to appoint a new chair before the end of the year.

John Goodlad said: “Chairing FIS has been a great honour and privilege. The scope of work that FIS is now undertaking on behalf of the UK fishing industry is quite remarkable. With the support of a great board of trustees and an excellent executive director, the new chair will be well placed to take FIS forward.”

FIS has raised over £3m to support a variety of research projects since it was founded in 2014, across a wide range of fields, but all designed to support a long-term, sustainable future for the fishing industry.

Executive director of FIS Kara Brydson said: “The issues facing our industry today point to an even greater need for innovative thinking. We look forward to welcoming a new chair to champion innovation projects which will make the greatest positive change for the UK seafood industry and the people driving it.”

Applications will be welcomed from industry experts and experienced advocates for innovation and precompetitive collaboration to address issues challenging the industry. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview in autumn, with the new chair welcomed at the FIS AGM in December. To learn more about the role, contact Kara Brydson at: Full details can be seen here.

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