It’s finally here: the week of the Fishing News Awards 2021 has arrived, and we can’t wait to celebrate the industry’s finest achievements with you all… virtually, of course!

Here are some answers to those burning questions on what to expect at this year’s awards.

When are the awards taking place?

This year’s awards will be announced at 7pm on 17 June.

Where are the awards taking place?

In the great digital universe! More specifically, the awards will be taking place via a video which will be broadcast at 7pm on 17 June on YouTube – you will be able to find the link here and on our social media pages closer to the time.

We will also be live-tweeting the event on the night, so make sure you join us at @YourFishingNews just before 7pm on 17 June as the winners are announced!

What is the shortlist?

We published a full shortlist in the 6 May issue of Fishing News (find a detailed shortlist here) but here’s a quick run-down:

Demersal Fisherman of the Year

  • Richard Fowler – Rebecca BM 34
  • Ryan Wiseman – Castlewood H 216

Shellfish Fisherman of the Year

  • Chris and Mike Harvey – Predator LI 556
  • Kallum Vaughan – Southern Spirit LT 1056
  • Stewart Pearson – Windward LK 185

U10 Fisherman of the Year

  • Tom Russell – Jessica Lynn PE 1044
  • Tristan Northway – Adela BM 79

Young Fisherman of the Year

  • Hollie Irving – Britannia NN 791
  • Steve Elwell – Luke B HH 32

Trainee Fisherman of the Year (sponsored by Sunderland Marine)

  • Sam Birt – KT-SAM E 10
  • Sam Davison – Barbara B BD 319

Product of the Year

  • Three-barrel trawl winch – Thistle Marine
  • SL1 LED searchlight – Luminell
  • Compact Gangway – MMG Welding

New Demersal Boat of the Year

  • Aalskere K 373
  • Georgina of Ladram BM 100
  • Amethyst BF 19
  • Crystal Sea SS 118
  • Jacqueline Anne FR 243
  • Ocean Challenge LK 253
  • Reliance III BF 800

New Pelagic Boat of the Year

  • Lunar Bow PD 265
  • Resolute BF 50

New Shellfish Boat of the Year

  • Alcedo BA 77
  • Isabelle PW 64
  • Sharon Anne BH 124
  • Shazleah SO 672
  • Osprey WK 4

Fish Processor of the Year

  • Flatfish
  • Noble Brothers
  • Sole of Discretion

Independent Retailer of the Year 

  • By The Harbour, Stornoway
  • Donaldson’s, King’s Lynn
  • Lyme Bay Fish Shack, Dorset
  • World of Fish, Lowestoft
  • Dorset Shellfish, Portland

Service Company of the Year

  • John Reid & Son
  • Thistle Marine
  • Parkol Marine Engineering

The Sustainability Award (sponsored by The Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust)

  • Manx Fish Producers’ Organisation – Ramsey Bay king scallop fishery
  • BATmap – University of Aberdeen (Tara Marshall), Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation (Paul Macdonald) and Chordata Ltd (Eric Torgerson)
  • SafetyNet Technologies
  • Scottish Inshore Fisheries Integrated Data System – University of St Andrews

Port of the Year

  • Fraserburgh
  • Newlyn
  • Eastbourne
  • Lerwick

Lifetime Achievement Award (sponsored by the Scottish White Fish Producers’ Association)

The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be announced on 17 June within the Fishing News Awards video.

How can I get involved?

There are plenty of ways! The great positive of the Fishing News Awards going digital this year is that everyone can join in to recognise the commercial fishing industry’s achievements, no matter where you are based.

Firstly, head over to: where you will find the YouTube link to watch the video, as well as a handy digital Fishing News Awards brochure which will have all the information you need to watch the awards, including a special introduction from editor David Linkie and detailed information on the shortlisted nominees.

You can also interact with fellow fishermen via the chat function on YouTube, and we will also be available on all our social media channels, so why not send us a message or photo of you celebrating on the night?

What was that date again?

The Fishing News Awards will be taking place at 7pm on 17 June. We’ll see you there!


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