250 guests attended the presentation evening for the Fishing News Awards 2016, which was held in the Hilton Aberdeen Treeptops Hotel on Thursday 26 May.

The capacity audience represented all sectors of the fishing industry. Guests from all parts of the UK were able to meet and socialise with friends and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere, which was one of the features of what was universally judged to be an extremely enjoyable and successful evening.

Sponsored by Box Pool Solutions, Coast, Gael Force, Peterhead Port Authority Seafish, Sunderland Marine and Acceleris, the Fishing News Awards 2016 presentations celebrated the achievements and positive developments that the industry continues to deliver, but which are seldom recognised.

The 11 categories of awards presented during the evening, including two sets of joint winners, reflected the common high standard of commitment, dedication and professionalism that characterised the finalists, each one of whom paid tribute to the achievements of their fellow nominees.

During the course of a superb seafood meal, for which the natural products were generously donated by the Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation and Lunar, guests were equally generous in the request to give a donation to support the invaluable work of the Fishermen’s Mission.



Fishing News Awards 2016

Demersal Fisherman of the Year

Sponsored by Peterhead Port Authority

Winner: James Locker

Finalists: Andrew Bremner and John Clark


Pelagic Fisherman of the Year

Winner: William Whyte

Finalists: George Anderson and Lowrie Irvine


Shellfish Fisherman of the Year

Sponsored by Gael Force

Winner: John Affleck

Finalists: Ashley Blakebrough and John Poll


Fish Processor of the Year 2015

Sponsored by Seafish

Winner: Flatfish Ltd, Grimsby

Finalists: Dawnfresh Seafoods Ltd and Scotprime Seafoods Ltd


Coastal Fish Restaurant of the Year

Sponsored by Coast

Winner: The Old Boathouse, Amble


Café Fish

Hix Oyster and Fish House

Kishorn Seafood Bar

Longsands Fish Kitchen

Magpie Café

Outlaws Fish Kitchen

River Exe Café


The Salt Room


Outstanding Contribution

Andrew ‘Andra’ Tait (1938- 2016)


Technical Innovation of the Year

Sponsored by Box Pool Solutions Ltd

Joint winners:

Lobster POD –Todd Fisheries Technology

Square Beam Trawl – Brixham Trawl Makers Ltd



Safety Award of the Year

Sponsored by Sunderland Marine

Winner: NFFO: Robert Greenwood, Fishing Safety Officer

Finalists: RNLI Fishing Safety Team, and Seafish, Sea You Home Safe campaign


Boat of the Year 2015

Winner: Guardian Angell LK 272


Álsviør K 337

Freedom B BK 532

Genesis Enigma H 20

Guiding Star CY 191

Kirkella H 7

La Creole II BM 177

Our Dylan Ben BD 207

Steadfast N 315

Vanguard KY 18


Port of the Year 2015

Winner: Brixham

Finalists: Ardglass and Peterhead


Young Fisherman of the Year 2015

Joint Winners:

Harry Simper and Ian Shearer

Finalists: Ryan Corbett, Andrew Mclean and Beejay Tapper


Lifetime Achievement

Sponsored by Fishing News

Winner: Billy Hughes


Dick James

Jim Portus

Kenneth MacNab

Leslie Tait



Full coverage can be seen in the June 9 issue