Fans of the ultra-popular Netflix series were given the chance to win free seafood – maybe even some squid – as the Love Seafood marketing campaign partnered with fishmongers across the UK for their very own Squid Game at the end of October.

In a fishified homage to the show, giant posters bearing symbols familiar to its fans were placed on the walls of participating fishmongers. Players simply picked a symbol, then chose a card from the fishmonger. If they matched, they won a £10 voucher to spend on seafood, with £250-worth of vouchers available at each store.

Happily, repercussions for those who didn’t beat the fishmongers were no worse than a mild sting of disappointment.

Greg Smith, head of marketing for Love Seafood, said: “We love nothing more than when opportunities arise for us to partner with the UK’s incredible independent seafood businesses. A show with such universal popularity, that just happens to be called Squid Game, is an opportunity too good to miss!

“At Love Seafood we aim to ‘bring on better living’ by encouraging people across the UK to explore the huge variety of nutritious, versatile and, most of all, delicious seafood we have access to. We think this game – a literal Squid Game – was a really fun way of doing that – thankfully with none of the potential consequences we’ve all seen on the show!”

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