With a new round of Fishing Industry Science Partnership (FISP) funding currently open for applications, the FISP Network is encouraging potential applicants to get in touch to discuss their research ideas.

The FISP Network – comprised of the Fishing Animateurs, Fishing into the Future and the Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust – can enable access to government funds by helping with completing grant forms, facilitation support, match-funding and industry- science workshops.

One successful application in the last round that was presented to the FISP Network by prawn skippers from the North East of England and Scotland was awarded funding to trial a selective gear modification. The feasibility project will be supported by MarFishEco Fisheries Consultants Ltd and was fully funded by the FISP grant scheme, with funding support from the Fishmongers’ Company’s Fisheries Charitable Trust.

Prawn skipper Peter Clark’s successful funding application is allowing him to continue trials of selective gear on his vessel Lily James…

Prawn skipper Peter Clark said: “I found the whole process a bit daunting and complex in the paperwork side when I first read up on applying and it almost put me off. If I hadn’t done fishery science projects in the past, I would have probably not bothered!

“Without the support of the FISP Network and the likes of Cefas and MarFishEco to get on top of the application process and government system, it would have been impossible for me or other fishermen to complete the process.”

… enabling more efficient separation of prawn and whitefish catches.

Another successful bid won a grant to conduct a feasibility study to understand the potential for a new stone crab fishery in Yorkshire. This work was first introduced to the Fishing Animateurs by a local fisherman. It was then subsequently taken forward and supported by the FISP Network, the Holderness Fishing Industry Group in Bridlington and Dr Magnus Johnson from Hull University.

Both of these research projects were funded under Part A of the FISP scheme (the development of an idea). The Part A component has now been removed, so only fully developed scientific studies will be eligible for support in the new round of funding. The FISP Network can work with you to develop your research idea, ready for submission.

The third round of funding is open until 5 September.

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