A large prawn was caught of the northwest coast recently, reports Pauric Gallagher.

The prawn measured 440mm from the tip of the rostrum to the end of the telson, and its carapace length was 80mm. Compared to an average-sized prawn, which weighs 28g, this bruiser weighs in at a hefty 424g!

Although this prawn is one of the largest Nephrops prawns ever recorded, it is not the biggest. In February 1984, a prawn weighing 544g was captured off the southwest coast of Ireland and is on display in the Natural History Museum in Dublin.

This prawn will also go on display in the Natural History Museum shortly, thanks to Sean Doran in Howth, who kindly donated it for posterity.

However, it is possible that even larger Nephrops prawns may be lurking about in Irish waters and Declan Quigley at Dingle Oceanworld would be delighted to hear from fishermen who catch any large prawns that may beat the current Irish record.

Contact Declan on: 087 6458485 or email: declanquigley@eircom.net

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