A completely new design of 34.5m fly-shooter/twin-rig trawler, featuring electric deck machinery, is to be built by Thecla Bodewes Shipyards, Harlingen, for Katwijk owner Maarten van Duijn.

Designed in conjunction with Ove Kristensen of Vestværftet ApS to combine high speeds with low fuel consumption, the fully-shelterdecked vessel, which is expected to replace the 40.7m beam trawler Margriet LT 36, will have a beam of 8.7m while retaining a GT of under 400t.

The contract for the supply of the electric winches has been awarded to the Visserij Coöperatie Urk (VCU) in collaboration with Dromec Rhenen. The innovative new build will be the first equipped with electrical fly-shooting power reels. In addition to the seine net winches, VCU will supply a third winch for use when twin-rig trawling, together with a double split-net drum with four independent sections, two auxiliary electrical winches, the catch-handling system, a double fishroom refrigeration system and two ice machines.

Expressing delight that the vessel will be built in the Netherlands, owner Maarten van Duijn said: “Our country has the shipbuilding knowledge and we are sure the ship will be delivered on time. Besides that, I like the practicality of being able to drive a short distance to watch the boat take shape with my own eyes. We want something special, so good cooperation is very important.”

Bodewes Shipyard is especially proud of the innovative nature of this contract and the breakthrough for the yard in the fishing world. Featuring an ABC main engine, the versatile whitefish vessel is scheduled for completion in late April, 2018.

Last month, the Harlingen yard delivered two cutter hulls for Luyt in Den Oever for machinery installation and full fitting-out for Marisa Fisheries of Surinam.

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