The Fisheries Industry Science Partnership (FISP) Network is calling for the industry to come forward with ideas to help develop and secure fully funded industry research projects.

As part of the campaign, Fishing Animateurs will be visiting harbours across the UK during February and March to showcase the FISP grant scheme.

The FISP scheme is a £10m government fund that seeks to improve data collection, enhance knowledge of technical measures, and build a better understanding of the benefits and impact of aquaculture.

The Fishing Animateurs, which is working to help the industry understand how the FISP scheme works and support applications, will be hosting workshops for fishers and owners of registered fishing vessels during their harbour visits.

One-to-one meetings will also be available, designed to ‘provide space for the fishermen and fisherwomen to air their ideas on challenges or opportunities which could be addressed by a scientific study’.

Once an idea is formed, the FISP Network can then connect the fishery to a relevant scientist.

The next round of FISP funding is due to be released early next month.

For further information on the harbour visits and the FISP Network, click here.

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