The Sea Fisheries Protection Authority (SFPA) has confirmed that the European Commission has approved an interim Irish Control Plan for the weighing of fishery products after transport to a permitted premises in Ireland.

This will be in place until 30 April, and allows pelagic and demersal fish to be weighed at factories, rather than at harbours and other landing points.

A derogation that allowed the Irish industry to weigh landings at factories was revoked by the European Commission last April, after an EU audit and inquiry relating to compliance with CFP rules.

The Commission has also approved a Sampling Plan for the weighing of landings of fishery products landed into Ireland, and a second Sampling Plan for weighing of landings of fishery products landed into Ireland that have been weighed onboard approved vessels.

Both Sampling Plans have been approved for three years.

Commenting on the European Commission decisions, Paschal Hayes, executive chairperson of the SFPA, said: “The SFPA is pleased to have secured approval for the interim Control Plan and the approval of the Sampling Plans, which is a testament to work of the SFPA, in collaboration with industry.

“Work is ongoing towards securing European Commission approval for a fair and effective permanent Control Plan to be in place from 1 May.”

Copies of the plans are available here and more information is available from SFPA port offices and here.

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