Continuing our look at Killybegs port, with a picture portrait of this busy harbour

Killybegs Atlantic Challenge

Atlantic Challenge prepares to come alongside Killybegs’ new pier at dawn on a quiet morning.

Killybegs Fiona II

Fiona K II heads out in fresh conditions.

Killybegs polyvalent trawlers

Polyvalent trawlers berthed in tranquil conditions before a rapidly approaching storm.

Killybegs Western Endeavour

Bathed in winter sunlight alongside the Black Rock pier, Killybegs’ skipper John Bach’s 71m midwater trawler Western Endeavour will be 30 years old next year.

Killybegs Oilean An Or

Rossaveal skipper Stephen Joyce’s 27m pair-trawler Oilean An Ór, at the end of a poor run south from the mackerel grounds punching in 40-knot winds.

Killybegs Carmarose, Colmcille, Westward Isle

The sisterships Carmarose, Colmcille and Westward Isle delivered by Vestværftet ApS last year, waiting to land mackerel.

Killybegs KT Nets

Lövön skipper Gerrard Sheedy (left) and mate Brendan Dudley (right) are helped by Shane McWhinnie of KT Nets to repair a torn midwater trawl.

Killybegs Cisemair pair trawler

The Castletownbere midwater pair-trawler Cisemair heads in to Killybegs

Killybegs Father McKee, Isofold

Father McKee and Isofold prepare to start landing at 8am.

Killybegs Green Bergen reefer

The reefer ship Green Bergen departs Killybegs after loading frozen mackerel.

Killybegs mackerel

Prime quality mackerel.

Killbegs Felucca, Genesis II, Girl Stephanie, Western Endeavour

Felucca, Genesis II, Girl Stephanie and Western Endeavour berthed either side of Black Pier.

Killybegs Star of Hope

The Rossaveal pair-trawler Star of Hope comes alongside to land.

Killybegs boarfish

Boarfish is an important alternative pelagic species for Ireland’s midwater fleet.

Killybegs Veronica

Veronica manoeuvres alongside the new pier after fishing scad off the coast of Co Mayo.

Killybegs pelagic

Killybegs is one of the busiest pelagic ports in Europe.


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