Shoreham dock, where Defra minister Mark Spencer made his announcements about the latest round of infrastructure funds under the UK Seafood Fund, also received funds in the initial round – a £535,000 grant towards the costs of rejuvenating the dry dock in the port, which was opened back in 1934.

Shoreham in 1933, during construction of the original dry dock…

The first stage of that work is now completing, enabling Minister Spencer to open the sluice gates for the facility, which will take boats of up to 50m LOA.

The port’s second grant of £1.3m, announced last month, will assist the Port Trust to undertake the renovation of the nearby Nicolson’s Marina, doubling the existing 25 berths for smaller vessels in the local fishing fleet, and increasing quay space there significantly.

… and in 2023, with the new facility close to completion.

“Receiving a second package of funding through the UK Seafood Fund is truly exciting news for us,” Shoreham harbour master Julian Seaman said. “This funding will facilitate the redevelopment of our inshore fishing marina, allowing us to not only accommodate more catamaran-style fishing vessels, aligning with modern fishing practices, but also promote responsible gear rotation through improved storage facilities, as well as enhancing career opportunities for our local fishers through additional berths.”

The revamped dry dock is set to take its first vessel later this summer. Vessel owners interested in using the facility can contact Shoreham direct on:

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