Although severe weather frequently disrupted fishing activities in January, 18,428t of fish with a value of £15,783,999 were landed to Peterhead in the first month of 2016, reports David Linkie.

Mackerel catches accounted for 14,529t and £9m of the January total, which was 10% lower by value and 15% in quantity compared to the January 2015 port totals of £17.6m and 21,692t.

3,665t of whitefish were landed at Peterhead in January for £6.3m, 11% lower by value and 15% less in tonnage than the previous year.

Improved catch rates of prawns, when conditions permitted, led to 234t of shellfish valued at £537,076 being put ashore at Peterhead, compared to 161t for £352,553 in January 2015.

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