A new guest featured on the well-regarded Seafood Matters podcast last week: Andy Read, editor of Fishing News.

The series, hosted by Jim Cowie, aims to ‘get below the surface of the UK seafood industry with fishermen, fisheries scientists and leading industry voices’.

As editor of Fishing News – the voice of the industry since 1913 – Andy Read took a turn in the interviewee’s chair to discuss a range of topics.

The series has previously featured many distinguished guests from across the industry, including fisheries scientist Professor Ray Hilborn and top skippers such as Jimmy Buchan and Peter Bruce.

“Jim’s podcast has built a reputation for measured questioning and time for the interviewees to talk around their areas of expertise and their experiences,” said Andy Read. “We are sure that the drop in quality of guest in this particular week is a one-off, and that Jim’s usual high standards will return in his next podcast.”

The Seafood Matters can be found here.

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