Marel and Curio’s new training facility aims to increase the amount of fish processed in the North East of Scotland

A learning facility to demonstrate and test fish processing technology and solutions has opened in Peterhead, reports Paul Scott.

The facility, operated by recently merged businesses Marel and Curio, offers companies the opportunity to witness live demonstrations, as well as hands-on testing of heading and filleting machines.

The company told Fishing News: “There is a focus to allow the industry to engage with our equipment, hands-on, with their own fish, and ultimately to try to encourage growth via automation to improve the production capabilities, and reduce the amount of fish transported away from North East for further processing.”

Marel and Curio say that the facility, the first of its type in the UK, ‘reflects their commitment to the region’s fishing industry’.

“More processing being done locally will certainly have a wider impact on the community, and for companies involved in supporting the processing industry. More people employed directly and indirectly can only be a positive step,” said the company.

The training sessions will also allow companies to speak directly with industry experts for ‘advice tailored to their unique challenges’.

“We have had quite a few sessions both for demonstrations and training. Our focus is not only on demonstrating, but also teaching the operators and technicians to get the most out of the equipment, maximise efficiencies and reduce downtime,” the company told Fishing News.

“The feedback so far has been very positive, and the industry seems very keen to engage with us to understand how automation will play a part in their future.”

Marel and Curio say that they are ‘actively engaging with customers, regional organisations, as well as local and national governments, to help industry address emerging challenges such as post-Brexit labour shortages and the high price of raw materials’.

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