MMO summary

Consultation description

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) sets monthly catch limits for quota species to ensure the UK stays within the overall limit set by the EU. These limits apply to all under 10 metre vessels and the over 10 metre vessels that are not in a co-operative (Producer Organisation).

Please contact the MMO if you have any comment to make about the suggested catch limits which will be put into force on 1 February, 2018.


Telephone: 0208 0 269 097

Comments to be received no later than 11.45pm on Sunday, 25 February, 2018

The MMO will regularly consult industry on monthly or other catch limits and will, wherever possible, ensure that any representations are taken into account when setting such limits. The MMO reserve the right to alter catch limits and / or close fisheries without prior notice or consultation in the event that such actions are necessary and expedient for the regulation of sea fishing.

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