The Shetland Fishermen’s Association (SFA) recently published the first of a series of articles examining in detail negative claims made about the fishing industry, and separating fact from fiction.

Talking to Fishing News, SFA executive officer Simon Collins said: “We tend to hear a lot of unsubstantiated claims made by many outside the fishing sector, trying to make a point with quick soundbites that often are grounded on very poor or non-existent science, or are quoted entirely out of context from the original work.

“Shetland FA would like to provide a much more informed perspective on some of these claims, separating fact from fiction, and allowing people to make their minds up for themselves, based on correct science rather than soundbites and accusations.

“We plan to introduce a number of these ‘Fishy Falsehoods’ over the coming weeks, looking at subjects such as overfishing, and what this really means, the impact of bottom trawling, the CO2 footprint of the fish you eat, and similar.”

The first of the publications, looking at inaccurate claims that the fishing industry creates more emissions than the airline industry, was published just before Christmas, and is available via the SFA website here.

The SFA will also be unveiling each ‘Falsehood’ in Fishing News as it is published over the next couple of months, starting with a review of the claims made about emissions.

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