Scottish group Skipinnish gave the live premiere of their breakout hit ‘The Clearances Again’ at a packed Aberdeen Music Hall on Friday, 12 May, the first day of the Scottish Skipper Expo in the city.

Whilst there were many fishing industry faces at the event, it was clear from the hall-wide participation in songs such as ‘Last of the Hunters’ that their songs about fishing and the island way of life have reached a much wider audience.

The reception given to the group – which gave them a great excuse to be in Aberdeen and visit the expo on the Saturday – suggested that any move to make this performance an annual event would go down very well. It came in a week when ‘The Clearances Again’ was once again discussed on the floor of Holyrood, with a motion congratulating them on the performance of their release.

Skipinnish teamed up with 64-year-old inshore fisherman Donald Francis ‘DF’ MacNeil for The Clearances Again, which protests plans by the Scottish government to introduce Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs).

Watch the official video for the song below…

The Clearances Again is available to download on all major streaming platforms.

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