On the morning of 12 April, 2018, the Nancy Glen fishing boat was recovered from the deep seabed of Loch Fyne. This followed the tragic events of 18 January, 2018, which resulted in the vessel sinking, leaving one surviving fisherman and two fishermen missing. After due process we can now formally confirm the bodies of Duncan MacDougall and Przemek Krawczyk were recovered within the vessel.    

The Clyde Fishermen’s Association and the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust would like to thank all of those who helped over the past few months. No matter how large or small your role or contribution was, we valued it. There are simply too many names and organisations to list, however, please be assured of our eternal gratitude to you all.   

We would like to thank the public for the immense show of support. It has been humbling beyond words to experience the heartfelt solidarity and generosity on such a local, national and international level. We also wish to thank those in the press and media who handled the issue and campaign supportively and with sensitivity, an approach much required in such a situation.  

At the beginning of the operation our thanks went to all of the fishermen and community members who did all they could at the time of the tragedy, and in the weeks following. We wish to thank again the MAIB, the Royal Navy, the Scottish Salmon Company workers, the MCA, Police Scotland, Calmac, the Fishermen’s Mission, RLNI, the HM Coastguard, CIFA and Peel Ports. A particular thanks should be expressed to Calum Gilbert and Iain MacNab, the brave divers who risked much to assist on that sad night.  

It is difficult to use the word successful in respect to the raising of the Nancy Glen due to the nature of the desperately sorrowful outcome, however, we must acknowledge the incredible achievement of the process itself in bringing the men home. This was a technical operation of great complexity, requiring committed professional and emotional dedication, both of which were provided at all times by the organisations and individuals involved.  

Our special and continued thanks go to the Scottish government, in particular, the First Minister of Scotland, the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary Fergus Ewing for their compassion, direct leadership and real presence throughout. We could never fully express our gratitude for such a kind act of genuine humanity and we could ask no more of a fisheries minister or a government. We are particularly grateful that Scottish ministers agreed to fund the cost of the recovery operation, allowing fundraised monies to go directly to the families affected by this tragedy.   

We also thank our local elected representatives, Michael Russell MSP and Brendan O’Hara MP, Councillor Ann Horn, Councillor Robin Currie and Councillor Jamie MacGrigor for their involvement, and the UK government for their words of support.    

We also thank the officials in the Scottish government for their input, who worked tirelessly to put together the plan for the recovery operation and then oversaw its delivery to its successful conclusion. We particularly appreciate that we and the families were kept involved and updated throughout. Special thanks go to Allan Gibb and his team, who led the overall process with expert skill.

In respect to Police Scotland we thank all staff involved, a special thanks go to family liasion officer Sergeant Martin Balkeen and Sergeant Danny McGeachy for their tireless support.       

We thank the Rev Robert McLeod and the Rev Catriona Hood for their words of comfort to the families and communities over the past weeks. Thanks to Silvio Gigante and all of the musicians and poets who came together to make such a touching creative legacy for the men.  

Technically, we thank all of marine organisations who offered support and assistance from day one. Our immense gratitude and awe goes to Keynvor MorLift. Anthony Glover and his team of dedicated professionals at KML made what was feared an impossible and improbably task happen. We also thank Brookes Bell; Adrian Scales and his team provided specialist expertise to help ensure chances of recovery were enhanced.  

For all of the people who searched all night repeatedly from a wheelhouse, or wrote a song, prayed, baked a cake, made a donation or even jumped out of a plane to show support, you have demonstrated what the spirit of real community means. We are humbled, and we think you are exceptional. Thank you.  

The families, friends and communities will now take the time to remember their brave men respectfully and privately.  

Rest in Peace Duncan and Przemek, from your fellow friends and fishermen.

The MacDougall and Krawczyk family statements

The MacDougall family

The MacDougall family wish to thank everyone who helped bring Duncan and his fellow fisherman Przemek back home to rest in Tarbert. They recognize the incredible efforts, skill and generosity of the public and the professionals involved, and give their unconditional thanks to all who done their best to help. They thank the local community of Tarbert, and many communities nationally and internationally, who have proved to be a tower of strength at this difficult time.    

They wish to thank the Scottish government, in particular the First Minister, and Cabinet Secretary Fergus Ewing for their compassion in making the decision to help. They also thank Allan Gibb of Marine Scotland for overseeing the whole operation.

In addition, they offer gratitude to Police Scotland’s family liaison officer Sergeant Martin Balkeen and Sergeant Danny McGeachy, Calmac, the workers from the Scottish Salmon Company and the valiant divers Calum Gilbert and Iain MacNab, who all assisted on the night of the tragedy. The Royal Navy, all of the fishermen who gave their time to searching relentlessly, Matthew Ramsay of the Fishermen’s Mission, the Rev Robert MacLeod who provided spiritual support, Michael Russell MSP and Kenneth MacNab and Elaine Whyte of the Clyde Fishermen’s Association and the Clyde Fishermen’s Trust.

A special thank you goes to Anthony Glover and his team at Keynvor MorLift for skill in achieving a very difficult recovery task.  

The family would like to ask for privacy at this time to allow them to grieve properly. Their gratefulness to all who assisted will endure.

Gosia Krawczyk, on behalf of the Krawczyk family

It has been the longest, hardest, saddest and most traumatic 12 weeks of our lives.
I have lost my husband, my love, my best friend, and my children have lost their amazing father. 

My family and I are mixed with emotions at this moment in time. It is impossible to put into words the effect the loss of Przemek has had on our family. For us, we will forever remember his unconditional love, humility and the sacrifices he made to provide for the family that meant the world to him. He was everything to us and he has left a space no-one else can ever fill. We miss him every day and we are struggling to picture a life without him in it. We know nothing will ever be the same for us and the weight of that grief is heavy to bear. 

I would like to thank the Scottish government, especially the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon for making the decision to retrieve the body of my husband. We also thank the Cabinet Secretaries Fergus Ewing and Michael Russell and also Brendan O’Hara MP and Allan Gibb for their humanity, support and direct contact with me and my family, the KML Keynvor MorLift Ltd team for amazing commitment and hard work, and the Police Scotland for the sensitivity of their support throughout this very difficult process, with special thanks expressed to Martin Balkeen of Police Scotland – who has been by my side from day one. His support, sensitivity, care and good word helped me to survive every day of this tragedy. My children and I are truly, truly appreciative for what he has done for us. He will always have special place in our hearts.

Finally, I would like to thank the Clyde Fishermen’s Association and Clyde Fishermen’s Trust – Kenneth Macnab and Elaine Whyte for being with us and for their invaluable support and help. Without them, I do not know how I would survive this very difficult time.

On behalf of my family, thank you very much for the support, help, prayers coming from all over Scotland and the world. I would particularly like to thank the community of Tarbert and the surrounding area for their enormous help, extreme support and kind words each day for the past 12 weeks. There are no words we could return which would express our gratitude.

This is a very tragic and traumatic time, therefore I ask members of the media to please respect the privacy of our family and that of our extended family and friends. We hope to be allowed the space to grieve in this period.  Thank you.


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