The crew of the Burnmouth fast potter Soph-Ash-Jay found two further examples of highly unusual shellfish when hauling their creels on the Cleopatra Fisherman 38 off the Berwickshire coast recently, reports David Linkie.

The first one was a very distinctive half-and-half brown female crab which featured a perfectly symmetrically divided brown and cream back (see above).

Strange Burnmouth shellfish

The lobster with the fully functioning reversed crusher claw caught by the crew of the Burnmouth fast potter Soph-Ash-Jay. (Photographs courtesy of Kyle Jeffels).

A few days later, skipper John Affleck, togther with crewmen Jamie Aitchison, Kyle Jeffels and Paul Wakenshaw, were equally surprised to see a decent-sized male lobster with a fully reversed crusher claw.

In all other respects the lobster was entirely normal. Although the whole claw was effectively rotated through 180 degrees, the pincer and every other segment were fully functional and had clearly stood the lobster in good stead on the seabed for several years since it was formed.

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