The Swan Trust is offering a literary evening aboard the Swan on 23 September, featuring readings from John Goodlad’s new book and traditional music from Swan skipper and renowned fiddler Maggie Adamson.

Whilst berthed alongside in Lerwick harbour, guests will also enjoy drinks and a traditional dish of bacalao – the salt fish stew that was commonly eaten by fishermen at the whaling. All of this links to John Goodlad’s book, which covers two centuries and a vast geographical area and shows how many poets, novelists, musicians and artists have been inspired by fishing.

The event will form part of Shetland’s Wordplay festival, which runs from 21 to 25 September. Rachel Dominy, commissions lead at Shetland Arts Development Agency, said: “Literature lovers across Shetland and beyond look forward every year to Wordplay. We’re delighted this year that the Swan Trust event will supplement the busy schedule and give audiences the opportunity for a unique Shetland experience.”

John Goodlad, who is a Swan Trust trustee, said: “There is no better place to launch my new book than in the mess room of the Swan during Shetland’s festival of literature. It should be a great evening, with the finest bacalao and the best of Shetland fiddle music.

“It is also fitting that all proceeds from the evening will go to the Swan Trust, and I am grateful to those involved and to local businesses for donating their time and produce.”

Starting at 7pm, the event will be an intimate evening, with just 12 tickets on offer, providing a chance for those aboard to discuss Shetland’s fishing heritage and one of its iconic vessels, the Swan, with two highly knowledgeable individuals.

The bacalao will be made using Shetland cod by local food expert and author Marian Armitage, whose second book, Food Made in Shetland, is also being released this year and features the recipe she will be making for the event. She said:

“The foods and flavours of traditional Shetland cooking have been heavily influenced by our historic fishing links.

“The work of the Swan Trust really keeps these alive, and I am very much looking forward to cooking and serving this delicious salt cod dish in such a unique and fitting setting.”

To book a place at £45 per person, email: info@ or find out more here.

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