Twenty fishermen will be recruited to take part in a 12-week trial of a new app designed to help people stop smoking, reports Paul Scott.

The ‘Stop Smoking’ app initiative by the SeaFit programme, in partnership with Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Public Health, and NHS Grampian Community Pharmacy’s ‘Quit your Way’ services, offers support to fishermen who are quitting smoking.

SeaFit healthy lifestyle advisor Catriona Arthur said: “We hope the trial of this app will offer fishermen more accessible and flexible support to stop smoking, which will improve their health.”

The app is designed to provide a 12-week quit smoking programme at the touch of a button. Fishermen taking part in the trial will be asked to make an initial visit to one of two local pharmacies supporting the pilot in Peterhead and Fraserburgh to register with NHS ‘Quit your Way’ services. On registration, participants will receive a free app voucher along with any nicotine replacement therapy recommended.

SeaFit says that due to the nature of working at sea, it is often difficult for fishermen to access healthcare support. By providing an app, the programme hopes that it will give fishermen a better opportunity to access the support needed to stop smoking.

It includes 24-hour, seven-days-a-week access to stop- smoking advisors, information on how health and finances improve after stopping smoking, and guidance on managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Additional features include advice on how to deal with being around other smokers, difficult situations, and recovering from lapses. The app will also offer ‘expert-led’ chat groups and support from a ‘community of others who are also stopping smoking’.

Any fishermen interested in taking part are asked to call or WhatsApp Catriona Arthur on: 07436 020 165 or email:

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