On behalf of Cross Channel Fibre Ltd, please be advised that marine survey operations in the east English Channel between Brighton, UK and Dieppe, France are due to commence on 15 July 2020. Marine Survey operations in UK waters off Brighton, East Sussex are scheduled to commence on or around 29 July 2020.

Marine Survey operations using towed and static equipment will be carried out along the proposed subsea cable route between beach landfall sites at Brighton, East Sussex UK and at Veules-Les-Roses near Dieppe, France with the offshore route passing just east of the Greenwich Light Vessel (see Lat. Long. Route Position List).

UK Waters Centreline Route WGS84 French Waters Centreline Route WGS84
50°49.342’N 00°09.410’W Brighton BLF 50°14.424’N 00°03.648’E UK/FRA EEZ
50°45.163’N 00°09.813’W 50°12.798’N 00°03.558’E
50°43.494’N 00°07.739’W 50°12.084’N 00°03.516’E
50°42.448’N 00°05.714’W UK 6-mile limit 50°11.094’N 00°04.224’E
50°40.027’N 00°01.241’W 50°10.548’N 00°05.340’E
50°39.749’N 00°01.101’W 50°09.432’N 00°10.500’E
50°39.369’N 00°01.046’W 50°09.282’N 00°11.220’E
50°36.449’N 00°01.308’W 50°09.264’N 00°18.846’E
50°33.748’N 00°02.965’W 50°08.868’N 00°24.336’E
50°33.305’N 00°02.978’W 50°07.746’N 00°29.004’E
50°32.691’N 00°02.992’W 50°05.916’N 00°34.152’E
50°29.254’N 00°00.471’W 50°04.194’N 00°38.784’E FRA CZ/TW
50°26.277’N 00°01.714’E 50°03.984’N 00°39.354’E
50°22.026’N 00°02.592’E 50°02.016’N 00°43.194’E
50°18.012’N 00°03.444’E 50°00.774’N 00°44.760’E
50°16.800’N 00°03.678’E 49°59.718’N 00°46.092’E
50°15.216’N 00°03.684’E 49°54.012’N 00°46.788’E
50°14.424’N 00°03.648’E UK/FRA EEZ 49°52.635’N 00°47.950’E Veules BLF

Marine Survey operations will be carried out along a 500 metre working corridor and in accordance with UK government marine works permit. Fishermen are asked to keep a safe distance from survey vessels in accordance with maritime regulations and requested not to leave any unattended static fishing equipment, riser ropes and surface markers within a distance of 250 metres of survey route centreline.

Survey vessels will be operating on a 24-hour watch basis and will display appropriate day shapes and lights during survey operations, maintaining a listening watch VHF CH16 and AIS transmissions.

If you believe you are likely to be affected by these Marine Survey operations, or you require any further information, then please contact:

Pioneer Consulting

Fisheries Liaison

Mobile: +44 (0) 7702 693 660


23 June 2020


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