Notice is hereby given that OIKOS STORAGE LIMITED (“Oikos”) of HOLE HAVEN WHARF, HAVEN ROAD, CANVEY ISLAND, ESSEX, SS8 ONR intends to make an application to the Secretary of State for Transport under section 37 of the Planning Act 2008 (“the 2008 Act”) for a Development Consent Order (“DCO”) to redevelop part of its Canvey Island bulk liquid storage facility. If constructed, the development, known as the Oikos Marine & South Side Development (“OMSSD”), will be located within the administrative boundaries of Castle Point Borough Council and Essex County Council.

The proposed development consists of:

  • The installation of additional marine loading and unloading infrastructure on two of the facility’s existing jetties
  • The construction of new bulk liquid storage tanks within the southern part of the facility nearest to the river
  • A capital dredge
  • Additional road loading facilities; together with
  • Related works including:
    • New operational infrastructure; – A new workshop;
    • An office extension;
    • On-site landscaping;
    • Off-site ecological improvements; and – Increased parking within the facility.

The OMSSD project constitutes an Environmental Impact Assessment “EIA” development for the purposes of the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017. Oikos is, therefore, required to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment and will be submitting an Environmental Statement as part of its application for a DCO.

A Preliminary Environmental Information Report (“PEIR”) has been prepared on a topic by topic basis which considers the likely impact of the OMSSD project during both construction and operation. The PEIR and related consultation documents will be available to view and download from Tuesday 6th April 2021 on the OMSSD consultation website at: It is anticipated that the DCO application will submitted later this year.

In accordance with the 2008 Act, Oikos is running a formal consultation on the OMSSD project between Tuesday 6th April and 11:59pm on Tuesday 18th May 2021.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the consultation will be held ‘virtually’ using an online virtual exhibition room which can be accessed from Tuesday 6th April 2021 via We will also be holding four online webinars including Q&A sessions during the consultation period, as follows:

To register to attend any of the above sessions please visit
If you have questions about the OMSSD including the consultation process or wish to request copies of the consultation

documents please contact us by or by calling us on Freephone: 0800 206 2583.

All of the consultation documents, plans and maps showing the nature and location of the proposed OMSSD and a feedback questionnaire will be available to view and download free of charge from Tuesday 6th April 2021 via the OMSSD website at:

All the documents will be made available for inspection until 11:59pm on Tuesday 18th May 2021. Printed copies of all of the documents and consultation materials can be provided on request using the contact details below or by calling us on Freephone: 0800 206 2583. Please note there may be a reasonable copying charge for certain documents of up to £300.

You can submit your views on the OMSSD project by:

  • Emailing us at:
  • Writing to us at the following address: OIKOS FREEPOST (please note this must be written in capitals and no stamp is required) • Requesting a hard copy of the feedback questionnaire to be sent to you in the post, and returning it via freepost to: OIKOS FREEPOST (must be written in capitals and no stamp is required)

All responses must be received by us in writing before 11.59pm on Tuesday 18th May 2021. Responses received after that time may not be considered.

More information about the OMSSD project and the consultation can be found at:


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