Notice is hereby given that MeyGen Limited, registered under company registration SC347501, at Fourth Floor, Edinburgh Quay 2, 139 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9QG), has applied to the Scottish Ministers to vary the consent granted under section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 on 9th October 2013 to construct and operate the MeyGen Tidal Energy Electricity Generating Station located between the Island of Stroma and the Scottish mainland in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth approximately 3km north west of John O’Groats with a total area of 1.15 km², central latitude and longitude co-ordinates (58° 39.468’ N 3° 7.671’ W).

The application, made under section 36C of the Electricity Act 1989, seeks to make the following variations: amend the area for turbine deployment shown in Annex 3 of the section 36 Consent to include an additional small area to the north-west of the site and to remove a similar sized area from the eastern side of the current area for turbine deployment.

Information about the variation application can be found at the following websites: And

The variation application and supporting information is available for inspection, free of charge, during normal office hours at:

John O’Groats Post Office, John O’Groats, Wick, Caithness KW1 4YR

Thurso Library Davidson’s Lane, Thurso, Caithness KW14 7AF

Copies of the variation application and supporting information may also be obtained from MeyGen (Tel: 0131 659 9660) either on CD for a charge of £10 or in hardcopy form for £10 (including post and packaging).

Any representations to the application should be made by email to:  or by post to The Scottish Government, Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team (“MS-LOT”), Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB identifying the proposal and specifying the grounds for objection or support, not later than Monday 12th November 2018, although the Scottish Ministers may consider representations received after this date. Representations should be dated and should clearly state the name (in block capitals) and the full return email or postal address of those making representation.

Where Scottish Minsters decide to exercise their discretion to do so the Scottish Ministers shall cause a Public Local Inquiry (“PLI”) to be held.

Following receipt of all views and representations, the Scottish Ministers will determine the application in one of two ways:

  • Consent the proposal, with or without conditions attached; or
  • Reject the proposal

Fair Processing Notice

MS-LOT determine applications under Part 4 of the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010, the Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009 and The Electricity Act (as amended). During the consultation process any person having an interest in the outcome of the application may make representation to MS-LOT. The representation may contain personal information, for example a name or address. This representation will only be used for the purpose of determining an application and will be stored securely in the Scottish Government’s official corporate record. Representations will be shared with the applicant and/or agent acting on behalf of the applicant, any people or organisations that we consult in relation to the application, the Directorate of Planning and Environmental Appeals should the Scottish Ministers call a PLI and, where necessary, be published online, however personal information will be removed before sharing or publishing.

A full privacy notice can be found at: . If you are unable to access this, or you have any queries or concerns about how your personal information will be handled, contact MS-LOT at:  or Marine Scotland – Licensing Operations Team, Marine Laboratory, 375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB.


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