Section 153 Of The Planning Act 2008

Regulation 6 of the infrastructure planning (changes to, and revocation of, development consent orders) regulations 2011 

Notice of application to make a non-material change to the following development consent order: The Norfolk Boreas offshore wind farm order 2021 (S1 2021/1414)

  1. An application has been made by Norfolk Boreas Limited and Norfolk Vanguard East Limited (the Applicant) to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to make a non‐material change to the Norfolk Boreas Offshore Wind Farm Order 2021 (the Order) (Application). The contact details of the Applicant are: Norfolk Boreas Limited and Norfolk Vanguard East Limited, both of, 5th Floor 70, St Mary Axe, London, United Kingdom, EC3A 8BE and
  2. The Order granted consent on 10 December 2021 for the development of an offshore wind farm located approximately 73km from the coast of Norfolk (at the closest point) (the Project). The Project, located in the southern North Sea, covers an area of approximately 725km2. Offshore cables transmitting power from the Project make landfall south of Happisburgh. From there underground cables continue approximately 60km to an onshore project substation, and connect into the National Grid substation near Necton, Norfolk.
  3. The Application seeks to make a non‐material change to remove the limit on the maximum export capacity for the Project. It will also seek a reduction in turbine numbers from 158 to 137. The Application does not seek to make any onshore changes to the Project.
  4. The Application documents can be accessed free of charge electronically at the National Infrastructure Planning Portal (under Norfolk Boreas, Documents, Documents Published By Stage “Decided”, Non-Material Change):
  5. The latest date that these documents will be available for inspection is 23:59 on Friday 10 June 2022.
  6. Any enquiries on the documents can be sent to the Applicant by emailing the Stakeholder Engagement Team on or by calling 0800 019 3517. Paper copies can be requested from the Applicant by emailing 0800 019 3517 but will be subject to a maximum charge of £150 for each copy.
  7. To benefit the environment, it is preferable for any representation about the application to be sent by email to the Planning Inspectorate at Alternatively, in writing to: National Infrastructure Planning, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square Temple Quay Bristol BS1 6PN. The Planning Inspectorate reference for the Application (EN010087) should be quoted in any correspondence. If you have difficulty in submitting a representation by email, please contact or 0303 444 5000 and a member of the Planning Inspectorate’s case team will be able to assist.
  8. Please note that any representations received by the Planning Inspectorate in response to the consultation will be handled in compliance with the United Kingdom’s General Data Protection Regulation and published on the relevant page of the Planning Inspectorate’s Infrastructure Planning Portal (https:// with all personal information removed.
  9. The deadline for the receipt of representations in relation to the Application is 23:59 on Friday 10 June 2022

Norfolk Boreas Limited and Norfolk Vanguard East Limited

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