North Sunderland Harbour, Seahouses

JOB TITLE: Assistant Harbour Master                          

SALARY: £ (Dependent upon experience)

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Harbour Commissioners           

HOURS: Full time 37.5hpw (hours vary between Summer and Winter) PERMANENT


The Assistant Harbour Master will primarily support the Harbour Master in meeting the requirements of the Port Marine Safety Code. The post holder will be expected to maintain compliance and under the guidance for the Harbour Master, implement the UK maritime regulatory requirements and best practice as outlined by the Port Marine Safety Code.


Balancing the needs of Harbour users and wider stakeholders whilst safeguarding the assets and interests of the North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners shall be essential whilst providing effective control of harbour activities in peak periods and undertaking annual inspection and maintenance of moorings and navigation assets.

 In consultation with the North Sunderland Commissioners the Assistant Harbour Master shall strive to maintain a smooth and harmonious relationship with all harbour users by means of direct engagement, information broadcasts and written advice. Collection of evidence, preparation of statements and enforcement of harbour byelaws and other regulations in accordance with our new forthcoming HRO.


Within the statutory harbour limits by provision of Safe operating advice and the safe direction of recreational activities, including slipway leisure usage and use of enforcement procedures where appropriate, co-ordination of harbour patrols and promulgation of navigation and safety information, as necessary. Provision of both informal and direct engagement with harbour users and wider stakeholders for the purpose of safety, education and the promotion of an understanding of harbour regulations and requirements.


The post holder, under the guidance of the Harbour Master will be expected to promote and implement the safe usage of all vessels and workboats, demonstrating the required standards of seamanship, boat handling, mooring and conducting marine operations onboard in a safe and efficient way.


The post holder, under the guidance of the Harbour Master will be expected to manage moorings within the Inner Harbour for Commercial operations and Outer Harbour for leisure vessels and accommodating visiting vessels.

Operate a berth registration system and record all vessels using the harbour. In consultation with the Harbour Clerk, ensure records are maintained for the efficient collection of appropriate charges.


The post holder under the guidance of the Harbour Master will take on responsibilities for maintenance schedules. Records kept for moorings, plant, vehicles, and vessels including the upkeep and maintenance of Sea Survival Equipment.


Assist in the development of the harbour’s environmental and conservation aims in accordance with the Harbour Management Plan and Port waste management plan as well as national and international conservation regulations.


This position involves significant engagement with individual harbour users and the wider harbour stakeholders, the post holder will be expected to manage and engage with all customers in a helpful, considerate, fair and polite manner. The Commissioners expect all employees to show a high degree of commitment and to consider themselves as representatives of the North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners when engaging directly harbour users and the public. The promotion of safety in the harbour is of primary importance when interacting with customers.

The post holder will be responsible for the harbour office and will be required to answer enquiries/complaints, provide information, take cash, issue receipts in accordance with North Sunderland Harbour Commissioners procedures. The post holder will be required to supervise the activities of permanent and seasonal staff both in the harbour office and on public quaysides and slipways.

The post holder will ideally be interested in working towards obtaining an MCA approved UK Harbour Master’s Certificate.

The hours of duty of the post are full time, hours will vary between Summer and Winter, including weekends and ‘call out’ requirements, as necessary.

Please contact the Harbour Clerk with a covering letter and CV or for an informal chat regarding the position of Assistant Harbour Master.


Tel: 07718 – 921983


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